What is Servime.exe?

If you can locate Servime.exe in the Windows folder, or you see an unknown process named Servime.exe in Task Manager, this is a clear sign that you have a malicious application installed on your computer. Specifically speaking, you have a Trojan miner active on your computer. These are threats that mine cryptocurrencies using victims’ CPU power. Of course, they do that without their knowledge. Just like similar Trojan infections, they also enter users’ computers without permission in most cases, they do not have program windows, and, finally they perform all their activities in the background, so it is not surprising that users find out about the entrance of the cryptocurrency miner after some time. In most cases, users first notice that their computers have become extremely sluggish and, because of this, they cannot perform certain activities using them. Do not worry; everything will get back to normal once you fully erase the Trojan miner from your computer. We cannot promise that this will be easy because the Servime.exe cryptocurrency miner might have more than one malicious component. We know that Servime.exe is one of them – it can be found in the Windows folder, as mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph; however, it is unclear where it has placed its other files and how they are named. Either way, you must delete this infection from your system as soon as possible because it will not remove itself from your computer, we can assure you.

What does Servime.exe do?

Servime.exe is a component of the Trojan miner, as you already know, but it is unclear what it is responsible for. It might be simply one of the components of this threat without which it could not work properly. If you do not know yet, cryptocurrency miners are considered serious malicious applications because they not only enters users’ PCs illegally and work in the background in order not to get caught, but they also use CPU power to mine cryptocurrency. They might be used to mine Monero, Bitcoin, and other less popular digital currencies. Researchers say that the Servime.exe cryptocurrency miner might use more than 90% of the computer’s resources. As a consequence, users might notice that the performance of their computers has considerably decreased. If you are reading this article because you suspect that you have the cryptocurrency miner active on your system, check the Windows OS folder (C:\Windows). Can you locate Servime.exe there? If so, there is no doubt that your PC is infected with the Trojan miner. If you do not remove it soon, you might no longer be allowed to use certain programs – they will simply crash. In addition, your computer might start freezing periodically. Luckily, your computer will start working normally again once you delete the cryptocurrency miner fully.

Where does Servime.exe come from?

The presence of the Servime.exe file in the Windows folder or the process in Task Manager is a clear sign that the cryptocurrency miner is installed on your computer. Researchers working at have carried out research to find out how this infection is usually distributed. They say that it mainly travels bundled with other applications. This would explain why so many users do not know anything about its installation. In addition, users might download this threat themselves from some kind of Torrent site. Without a doubt, they imagine that they download a useful application or a movie. We understand that it might be extremely hard to notice and prevent all suspicious applications from entering the system, so we highly recommend users installing security software on their PCs. This tool will not allow threats you overlook to slither onto your computer – you will be safe 24/7.

How to remove Servime.exe

The Servime.exe file can be easily removed from the Windows folder (before you do that, you might need to kill the process with the same name), but, unfortunately, there are no guarantees that the removal of this single file will disable the Trojan miner. The chances are high that it has several other components placed somewhere on your computer. Specialists say that users should first check Desktop, Downloads, and Temporary Files, but if they cannot find any unknown/suspicious files there, they should use an antimalware tool to clean their systems instead of trying to delete serious malware manually.

Remove the cryptocurrency miner from your PC

  1. Press Win+E.
  2. Type %WINDIR% in the URL bar and press Enter.
  3. Locate and delete the Servime.exe file.
  4. Check %USERPROFILE%\Downloads, %USERPROFILE%\Desktop, and %TEMP% directories.
  5. Delete all suspicious files.
  6. Empty Trash.
  7. Scan your system with a diagnostic scanner. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Servime.exe*

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