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If you ever see changes within your default web browser, it might be that a program called could be causing all of it. This intrusive program is nothing more than an invasive search engine, which you should delete if it is ever found fully running on your personal computer. Having this invasive piece of software fully active on your personal computer will make surfing the web a frustrating and annoying process. The changes made by this unwanted application could also cause exposure of your operating system to suspicious and even potentially malicious web content, which could eventually result in a system infection. To find out more about and how it could cause harm to your personal computer, make sure to read the rest of our report. Alongside such critical information, we disclose detailed removal instructions crafted by malware experts at, which will help you terminate this devious program in just a few simple steps.testtest

What does do?

At the very same time that enters your operating system, it will cause significant modifications to your web browser's default settings. To be precise, the devious program in question can alter your default search engine, home page, and new tab page. Even though you might see these changes as irrelevant, you must know that they will have lasting effect on the way that you experience the web, and it will be a negative one, unfortunately. It is so because for as long as this intrusive program is fully active on your computer you will be forced to start every single web browsing session on a dubious third-party website whether you like it or not. The same thing will happen with your search engine as you will be presented with a new, suspicious one. The most annoying thing about it is the fact, that every single online query will go through this intrusive search engine even if you do not like that. It should be apparent that running this invasive program will have an adverse effect on the way that you experience the web. Unfortunately, that is not all that does. It has been found out that the questionable program is fully capable of presenting you with devious third-party ads, pop-ups, and coupons. This is possible because the undesirable extension initiates connections to various adware servers, which are well-known to provide the intrusive web content. Such activity could get out of hand in a sense that surfing the web might become a virtually impossible task due to the amount of third-party content provided by it. To surf the web the way you are used to, make sure to delete from your computer completely; otherwise, the intrusive changes made by this search engine will remain intact.

If all of that was not enough, you must be informed about the potential dangerous of running of your PC. After our research team has executed an in-depth analysis of this devious search engine it has been found out that in some cases it could present you with modified search results. This means that you could be presented with a result that might host redirect links, meaning that by just clicking on it could have detrimental outcomes as you could be taken to questionable and at times even potentially malicious sites. It should be more than obvious that using this questionable search engines should not be active on your computer. If you happen to already have this search engine up and running on your PC, you should also check your operating system for potentially unwanted application since it often comes via bundled installers, which are infamous for hosting devious software. By now it should be more than obvious that the only thing that must be done about is its complete removal.

How to remove

You need to terminate as soon as it is discovered running on your personal computer. It is critical to highlight the fact that your need to execute an extensive analysis of your personal computer for potential leftovers linked to this questionable application. If you find any traces of make sure to get rid of them immediately since just a few files or registry entries related to it could be more than enough to start a silent restoration procedure. You can also avoid finding yourself in such a situation by executing a full system scan with a professional antimalware tool as soon as you are done with the manual removal.

How to remove from your PC

Google Chrome

  1. Start your web browser.
  2. Click the Chrome Menu button.
  3. Select Settings and click Extensions.
  4. Click the Recycle Bin icon next to the unwanted extension.
  5. Select Remove to confirm your choice.
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