Security Solution 2011

What is Security Solution 2011?

Security Solution 2011 is a program which should not be allowed to stay in your computer. This software application is a rogue antispyware which means it needs nothing but your money and in order to achieve its goal Security Solution 2011 will even hinder your computer’s processes. Even though this program might look reliable with an attractive interface and antivirus program-like functions, the user must not fall for this scam if he wants to avoid unpleasant consequences of this infection.

This rogue might have a lot of ways to enter your system, and that requires extensive care from the user when he or she clicks on various links on the Internet. Clicking on a random unfamiliar link might lead you to a website which hosts Security Solution 2011 and from there it won’t take long for the rogue to entrench in your computer. Then the rogue will start sending you a whole load of fake security error messages which you need to ignore, because they are nothing but blatant lies.

One fake message that many users see may llok like this:

Name Win64.BIT.Looker.exe
Risk High
Description Win64.BIT.Looker software that puts high physical demand on hardware may damage it by excessive wear and tear. This worm can be blocked from firewall and antivirus software.
Keep Blocking
Activate Protection

These messages are generated in order to persuade you into paying for the license of this worthless program. Don’t succumb to the beautiful lies of Security Solution 2011 and get rid of this program as soon as you can.

You can “activate” Security Solution 2011 by using the code below:


With the program activated, it will be a lot easier to remove Security Solution 2011 once and for all.

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