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What is Security Scanner?

If you are trying to keep your computer safe and your money secure, you certainly don’t want to deal with Security Scanner. It is a malicious program and it has been reported that recently Security Scanner has infected multiple computers around the world, and yours certainly can be next. In fact, it would be wise to check your system with a reliable antimalware scanner right now, because you can never know when this rogue  gets into your computer.

Security Scanner is simply that cunning. It uses multiple infiltration techniques to slither into your system undetected and then creates havoc in there, messing up your system performance and slowing down your computer to the point it can no longer be operable. The worst is that Security Scanner blames these symptoms on viruses that do not exist in your computer. It makes want to think that your system is very infected and then you would have nothing else left to do, but to use Security Scanner to remove those parasites.

DO NOT EVEN THINK of doing that, because by acquiring the “full version” of Security Scanner you would expose your financial information to a third party and as a result your bank account would be hacked.

Get rid of fake alert messages by using this activation key:


Activation key make the messages disappear, but rogue will still remain in your computer.  Remove Security Scanner with a powerful security tool that will ensure your system’s safety and protect you against similar infections in the future.


Security Scanner derives from the same family of rogues as Security Tool and Security Shield. If you carelessly follow the directions of any suspicious links and applications, you can easily create unsecured backdoors for Security Scanner to enter your system. Once in, the rogue tampers with Windows registry, restricts internet access, compromises your security and causes slow connection speed, and computer crashing.It is also known to terminate Windows programs and disable executable files. This is why you need to remove it immediately.

If you install and run a rogue antispyware setup, it will initiate a scanner, which will present simulated information about fake threats, and a report message will demonstrate a fake warning:

Warning! 21 infections found!
During the last scan malicious programs (8), viruses (8), adware (0), spyware (4), tracking cookies (1)
Possible harm includes:
System crash
Permanent Data loss
System startup failure
System slowdown
Internet connection loss
Virus spreading on your network
It is strongly recommended that you clear your computer from all the threats immediately.

Whatever fake notification or recommendation comes up, do not believe it. Also be aware of the Security Center imitation, which will notify you with a fake alert that Virus Protection is Not Found. This is created to look like a legitimate windows alert, and Security Scanner will shamelessly use this to gain your trust, and make you believe that your computer is really infected, and has multiple threats that need to be deleted.

Fake pop-up warnings will also come up continuously until Security Scanner is removed from your PC. See some examples below:

Security Scanner Warning
Spyware.IEMonster process is found. This is virus that is trying to send your passwords from Internet browser (Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Outlook & others) for the third-parties.
Click here to protect your data with Security Scanner

Security Scanner Warning
Harmful software have been detected at your PC. Click here to deactivate it.

Warning message from your Internet browser. This page is under virus attack.
This may crash your system.

If you choose to activate Security Scanner (remember that you should not do this), you will be led to a purchase option, where you will be able to buy the full version of Security Scan, required for the ultimate solution. The rogue will ask you for a substantially low price of $19.95 to remove any bogus infection. It will also try to convince you with its legitimacy, by boasting with a fake award. Do not trust this trick! Only removing Security Scanner will allow you to resume to normal Windows running and protect your sensitive personal data from any third-parties and their malicious intentions.

Use the activation key listed at the top to stop annoying pop-ups, and delete the rogue manually or use a powerful antispyware.

Warning, this parasite will block your Internet connection. Click here for instructions how to renew your Internet access.

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Security Scanner
Security Scanner
Security Scanner

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