Security Monitor 2012

What is Security Monitor 2012?

Terminate Security Monitor 2012 the moment you see it acting up in your computer, because this program brings nothing but harm. It is a so-called rogue antispyware application, and these computer threats have been designed to look and act just as legitimate computer safeguard applications. This rogue emanates from the same despicable family of rogues as Security Solution 2011 and will not relent until it manages to rip its victims off.

Security Monitor 2012 will enter the system surreptitiously and will remain hidden until it is ready to start its attack against the system. When this rogue gets into its victim’s computer, it starts slowing it down so that the user would think there is something terribly wrong with it. Then it jumps into action and says that Security Monitor 2012 has detected multiple computer viruses in your system and you have to use Security Monitor 2012 to destroy the said parasites.

However, the rogue promises to remove the threats only if you pay for the full version of the program. And this is exactly what Security Monitor 2012 wants from you – once you fill in the blanks with your financial information and click the “Pay now” button, you give away your credit card information to a third party, and as a result the criminals behind the rogue are able to illegally access your bank account anytime they want. Not to mention that your computer is still suffering from the infection.

Some of the fake security alerts Security Monitor 2012 will use to convince its victims of the presence of fake security threats being present on the system reads as follows:

Security Center
Unauthorized remote connection!
Your system is making an unauthorized personal data transfer to a remote computer!
Warning! Unauthorized personal data transfer is detected! It may be your personal credit card details, logins and passwords, browsing habits or information about files you have downloaded.
To protect your private data, please click "Prevent Connection" button below.

You have been infected by a proxy-relay Trojan server with new and danger "SpamBots".
You have a computer with a virus that sends spam.
This is a mass-mailing worm with backdoor thus allowing un-authorized access to the infected system.
It spreads by mass-mailing itself to e-mail addresses harvested from the local computer or by querying on-line search engines such as
The IP <ip address> address that YOU are getting from Internet Service Provider (ISP) for YOU personal computer is on some major blacklist.

Symptoms associated with the Security Monitor 2012 include blocked Internet connections, extremely poor system performance and increased erratic system behavior. Security Monitor 2012 will also prohibit the user from launching applications on the infected PC. This is done in an effort to prevent the user from running an application that may be able to detect and remove Security Monitor 2012 from the system, and also to cause further panic and annoyance among the user. Each time the user attempts to launch an application, he will receive the following fake security alert:

Security Monitor 2012
The application excel.exe was launched successfully but it was forced to shut down due to security reasons. This application infected by a malicious software program which might present damage for the PC. It is highly recommended to make a full scan of your computer to exterminate the malicious programs from it.

There is a way to circumvent these annoying symptoms. Enter the following activation code to disable all of these symptoms and make it easier to obliterate Security Monitor 2012 from your PC:


In order to limit the damage this malicious rogue will cause your PC, destroy Security Monitor 2012 with the help of a powerful security tool. This will not only permanently get rid of Security Monitor 2012 but will also protect your PC against similar attacks in future.

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Security Monitor 2012

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