What is SecureVeteran?

The only thing professional about SecureVeteran is the method that it uses in orer to trick innocent victims. SecureVeteran which is an exact clone of SecurityFighter, uses clever tactics to try and make you buy the full version. What happens is that SecureVeteran gains access to your computer via browser hijacking or alternatively from certain Trojans. It will perform a fake system scan of your computer. This scan is false and should not be taken seriously at all. SecureVeteran then presents you with a false scan report that may scary you.
You mustn't be scared by the scan results that is presents you with, due to the factor that these results are all fake. You do not need to worry about anything that is running on your system, expect for SecureVeteran itself. It will then offer you a solution in the form of giving you the chance to purchase the full version. The full version SecureVeteran will not get rid of anything and is actually fake. It is all one big scam in order to get your money. Do not be fooled by SecureVeteran, just get it off your computer as soon as you possibly can.

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