What is SecureFighter?

SecureFighter is a clever and manipulative anti spyware application. It makes use of fake scan results in order to try to convince innocent users into purchasing a full version. SecureFighter is the newest exact clone of unstopable rogue family SecureVeteran, SecurityFighter and so on and so forth.....
The main aspect to bear in mind it to never click on any links at all which may be associated to SecureFighter. If you do click on the links that it presents to you, it will then redirect your browser to the SecureFighter's website. It is going to then try and get you to either download or buy SecureFighter. It is important that you are warned about the factor that SecureFighter runs the risk of recreating itself even after you have rebooted your machine and removed it. No matter what you try and do, you may run into additional fake system scan messages from SecureFighter, which will tend to appear on your task manager. Under no circumstances should you tolerate SecureFighter and if you detect it on your system remove it immediately. Remember also to never click on any links, even remotely associated with SecureFighter.

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