Secure Antivirus Pro

What is Secure Antivirus Pro?

Antivirus Pro is another one of those rogue anti-spyware applications on the web. As in all scam programs Antivirus Pro will throw phony pop-up ads and alerts at you trying to con you into believing that your PC is infected. Here's an example of what their alerts look like:
"It seems that your computer is infected with W32:Virut virus. This threat has been designed to steal money, Internet accounts, send massive amounts of spam, and commit various kinds of fraud.
It is recommended that you remove this threat immediately to avoid participating in criminal activity.
Do you want to remove Virut now?"

The only one that is stealing your money is Antivirus Pro. The fake ads and alerts are a result of Trojans infecting your computer. You probably got infected with these Trojans when visiting a rogue website. Don't let these scoundrels trick you into buying their scamware. Get rid of the Antivirus Pro infection and Trojans right away.

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