What is is a search engine promoted by Secure Finder (a browser extension). Since this extension is compatible with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers only, a new search tool should be visible on these two browsers only. According to research recently conducted by researchers at, the biggest number of infected users live in India, Pakistan, Angola, Indonesia, and Brazil, but, of course, this does not mean that people from other countries are safe. No matter where you live, go to remove from your browsers if you ever discover it set there because, unfortunately, it cannot be called a 100% reliable search tool. Yes, it promises not to collect, store, or share personally identifiable information and protect user’s online privacy, but it does not seem to be true because it is powered by a suspicious search engine, which records all kinds of details about users. In fact, not all the people know that their homepages, default search tools, and New Tab pages will be changed to Also, they are not told in advance that all the search results will be redirected to Consequently, it is not at all surprising that people decide to remove the Secure Finder extension from their browsers. Specialists suggest getting rid of it too, especially if a user has not downloaded and installed this browser extension willingly.testtesttest

What does do? should enable users to search the web anonymously, but it is not very likely that it will be possible to do that when all the searches are redirected to, which is definitely not the most trustworthy search tool. As has been found, this search engine might provide users with advertisements. They usually appear before ordinary search results on the search results page. These commercial search results might be quite dangerous because they might take users straight to third-party websites with the promoted content. Anything can be found on third-party websites, even untrustworthy software, so think twice before clicking on any of these ads. Of course, it is not always that easy to notice them, so many users tend to click on commercials accidentally. This will happen for you too if you use as your default search tool, so you should go to get rid of to prevent redirections to untrustworthy third-party websites from taking place.

As has already been mentioned, specialists do not think that it will be possible to surf the web anonymously because is powered by This search tool records information about users. Researchers have checked the Privacy Policy document to find out more about it. They have made a disturbing finding – might even record personal details: “Our database of personal details (however we collect these details) is used by us, and third parties acting on our behalf, for administration and marketing related purposes.” The so-called non-personally identifiable information, e.g. search queries and links clicked will be recorded too to find out more about your interests and habits. It is up to you whether to use a search tool that shows ads and records both personal and non-personally identifiable information. In case you do not like how acts, go to remove the extension responsible for its presence on your browsers, and this search engine will disappear.

Where does come from? has been set as your homepage, default search tool, and the New Tab page because the browser extension Secure Finder has been installed on the computer, as has already been mentioned. The majority of people get it from the Chrome Web Store (, but, of course, it might be possible to download it from some kind of third-party website too. On top of that, this browser extension might be spread bundled with freeware too. It does not really matter how it has entered the computer because it is still highly advisable to go to remove it.

How to delete

Since has been set on browsers after the installation of a browser extension, you will have to remove it from browsers in order to eliminate a suspicious search tool. You are welcome to use instructions provided below this article but keep in mind that they will help you to delete the Secure Finder extension only. All other computer infections will have to be erased separately – use an automatic malware remover to make them all gone quicker.


Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Press Ctrl+Shift+A simultaneously.
  3. Open the Extensions menu.
  4. Select the undesirable extension and remove it.

Google Chrome

  1. Launch your browser and press Alt+F.
  2. Click More tools.
  3. Click Extensions.
  4. Select the unwanted browser extension and click on the trash icon next to it.
  5. Click Remove in the dialog box.
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