Secure Chrome PRO

What is Secure Chrome PRO?

Secure Chrome PRO is a Google Chrome extension that our research team classifies as a browser hijacker. The only function of this strange extension is to modify your default search provider, and even if you install it yourself, you are not informed about the changes. The hijacker only informs that the data you see on the websites you visit can be read and modified, which is quite strange as well. The fact that the default search provider is modified without one’s permission is truly unnerving because that means that the extension is not transparent and that it could work in other malicious ways too. As you might have found already, there is no information about the creator of the extension or the activity of the extension itself that is available to users. Even a download page that would represent this strange add-on does not exist. Is this strange? It definitely is because that makes the extension unpredictable, and that is a good enough reason to remove Secure Chrome PRO. If you are not sure if you want to delete this hijacker, or you do not know how to do it, continue reading.testtesttest

How does Secure Chrome PRO work?

At the time of research, the users of Google Chrome could download Secure Chrome PRO from the Chrome web store at This installer does not provide potential users with links to a privacy policy, and it does not reveal the creator. According to the “offered by” section, it is presented by, but that is the search tool that the extension sets as the default search provider without permission. There are no official statements supporting this hijacker either. The Chrome web store installer informs that the suspicious extension can provide you with protection against “online threats;” however, there is no explanation as to how it actually works. Most users will realize that the extension is not reliable at this point. Of course, if you go through with the installation, you must delete the extension immediately. Have you acquired this hijacker from a different source, or maybe you do not know where it came from at all? It is possible that Secure Chrome PRO could have entered your operating system bundled with malware. If that is the case, we strongly recommend scanning your system to check if you need to remove anything else.

If you install Secure Chrome PRO, it sort of disappears, and you are reminded of it only via the button that is added to the Chrome browser. Besides that, the extension does not have an interface, and it is not represented in other ways on your web browser. That is because this extension was created only to help hijack your browser. If you enter search keywords into the address bar of the browser while this threat is in place, you will be redirected to, where the results are “powered by Google Custom Search.” That does not mean that the results are trustworthy. It only means that the base is copied from Other results – and they could be shown at the top – are likely to include advertisements. Since you do not know exactly which parties the hijacker works with or what kinds of security measures are taken to keep your information safe, you should not interact with the search results. Instead, you should immediately delete Secure Chrome PRO.

How to remove Secure Chrome PRO

You can delete Secure Chrome PRO manually. If you want to get rid of this threat right away, enter “chrome://extensions/” into the address bar to access the Extensions menu and then remove the unwanted extension. However, if you have a minute, we recommend following the instructions below because they will teach you where to find unwanted extensions on your Windows operating system, and this could help you in the future. Of course, if other threats exist, you must not forget to eliminate them as well. When the chosen malware scanner identifies the threats, you must research them immediately (use the search tool on this website to find the guides). If these threats can be erased manually, do not forget to be careful. If you cannot clean your system yourself, install a trusted anti-malware tool that will remove Secure Chrome PRO and other discovered threats automatically.

Removal Instructions

  1. Simultaneously tap Win+E to launch Windows Explorer.
  2. Enter %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\ into the bar at the top. If you operate on Windows XP, enter %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\.
  3. Open the Default folder if no profiles exist. If they do, open the {unique profile name} folder.
  4. Open the Extensions folder and then Delete the folder named balaejcnclfobnenddbghfljcjnkmfed.
  5. Go back to the Default/{unique profile name} folder.
  6. Delete the files named Preferences, Secure Preferences, and Web Data (note that you can also modify them by opening them with a text reader and then overwriting the hijacker’s URL with the preferred one). 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Secure Chrome PRO*

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