What is is promoted as a tool that can supposedly help you take back the control of your Google Chrome search settings. The funny thing is that it takes full control of the browser’s search settings, and that is considered to be quite aggressive. Although our research team classifies it as a suspicious search engine, some might argue that it works as a browser hijacker or even an advertising-supported program. All in all, there is no doubt that this search provider is quite strange, and it is our recommendation that you delete it from your web browser. If you are not sure if that is necessary, you can read this report and decide for yourself. If you have already made the decision that you want to remove from Google Chrome, we have a guide for you that will make this operation very easy. If you are still not sure what you should do, continue reading.testtest

How does work?

Search Dimension Ltd. is the developer of, and it has chosen to represent the suspicious search tool using an extension called “Search Control.” At the moment, the only official source for this add-on is the Chrome web store. When you install it, you are introduced to a pop-up disclaimer informing that it can change search settings and record your virtual activity. If you agree with this, you can install the add-on. Overall, it is unlikely that many users would seek out this add-on on their own. It is much more likely that most users are exposed to this strange extension and search tool via software bundles. As you might know, software bundles are usually controlled by third-party software distributors who can earn money for every successful download. This is a security backdoor that many malicious parties have exploited for the distribution of malware. Although we do not classify as a dangerous threat, it could come bundled with malware. Install a legitimate malware scanner and run a full system scan to see if you need to delete any dangerous threats.

As promised, allows you to surf the web using the most popular search tools: Google Search, Bing Search, and Yahoo Search. The search engine should be set as your homepage and New Tab, and the dialog box in the center is accompanied by a menu that allows switching between the popular search providers. Also, you can surf the web using Web, Images, and Videos tools. Unfortunately, the search feature can be modified to include sponsored content, and that is why is not a reliable search tool. The Privacy Policy statement – you can find a link to it at the bottom of the search engine’s interface – informs that advertising companies and ad networks are allowed to display ads. Also, they are allowed to employ tracking technologies, such as HTTP cookies, to record information regarding your activity. If you take all of these things into consideration, it is most likely that you will choose to delete the suspicious search tool from your Chrome browser.

How to remove

The process is really easy. To delete from your Google Chrome browser, all you need to do is access the “Extensions” menu and eliminate the add-on linked to this search tool. If the add-on is not involved, you can modify the homepage URL, which is not a complicated task either. You can check out the guide below to see how that is done. What if your operating system was corrupted by malicious threats? If you have let in the suspicious search tool and the extension using a malicious software bundle, it is possible that malware has been installed alongside. In this case, nothing is better than a reliable anti-malware tool that is capable of finding and removing malicious threats automatically. If you are still not sure what you should do or which removal method you should apply, we are here to answer all of your questions. You can add them to the comments section below.

Removal Instructions

  1. Open the browser and tap Alt+F.
  2. In the menu on the right select More tools and then click Extensions.
  3. Find the extension called Search Control, click the trash bin associated with it, and select Remove.
  4. Move to the menu on the left and click Settings.
  5. Go to the On Startup menu and mark Open a specific page or set of pages.
  6. Click Set pages and overwrite the undesirable URL with the preferred one. Click OK.
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