What is Searchaize?

If you want to browse the web efficiently, you have to choose a tool that will help you achieve your goals. Searchaize might represent itself as a beneficial search tool that, allegedly, can offer results you would not normally find on your own. The extension is meant to change the default search provider to ensure that the service is activated, and that should be the first sign that something is not right with the picture. As you know, most search tools can be reached through a web browser. For convenience, users can also replace their default search providers, homepages, and New Tab pages to access the chosen search tools quicker. However, it is not common to activate search tools by installing extensions that can modify search providers. Usually, if an extension offers a search tool, it usually offers that along with another, more attractive service. That is not the case with this extension, which we have identified as a PUP (potentially unwanted program). Our recommendation is that you delete Searchaize, but you should decide whether you want to remove this PUP after reading our report.test

How does Searchaize work?

Searchaize is identical to SearchStreams, Sealoid, Spinyon, and a bunch of other extensions, all of which are introduced by webcoapps. If you have downloaded the suspicious PUP from the Chrome Web Store at, you might think that it is presented by formalextapps, but the Privacy Policy link at the bottom of the page routes you to the webcoapps Privacy Policy. According to it, when Google Chrome users install the PUP, they permit it to read their browsing history and collect information about their activities and preferences using various trackers. They also permit the company to share certain information with third parties, who of course are not disclosed. This is another red flag. If you do not know what kind of data is passed on to unknown parties, how can you feel safe? This is another big reason why you should consider removing Searchaize from your web browser. Of course, some users might know about all security risks associated with the PUP and continue using it anyway because it is not entirely useless., for example, offers a file converter, a currency/cryptocurrency converter, and a calculator.

The main feature of Searchaize is the search service, and how it works might be the biggest reason to delete this potentially unwanted program too. When is set as the default search provider, you enable the PUP to redirect you to every time you enter search keywords into the browser’s address box. The PUP redirects to Yahoo Search because this search engine can be modified easily and because people generally trust it. That means that Searchaize can inject additional links very easily and that it might have an easier time attaining clicks. After all, that is what the developer of the PUP must be interested in; otherwise, it would not work this hard to show sponsored third-party content. Now you have all information about the suspicious extension, and you can make an informed decision on what you want to do next. Do you want to delete the PUP? If you do, we can help you with it.

How to delete Searchaize

If you have chosen to remove Searchaize from your browser, you have to decide how you want to do it. Do you want to eliminate this potentially unwanted program manually? If that is your choice, we suggest using the guide below. It explains how to erase unwanted extensions and how to clear browsing data to get rid of data-trackers. This is not the ideal solution if you are dealing with several PUPs or even threats at the same time and if you are looking for a way to secure your operating system and the installed web browsers. For example, if you employed an unfamiliar installer to acquire the PUP, other threats might have slithered into your operating system along with it. Also, if your system lacks reliable protection, you could be tricked into letting in new PUPs or even dangerous malware. Due to this, we advise implementing anti-malware software that can both clean and protect your operating system.

Removal Instructions (Google Chrome)

  1. Launch the browser and then tap keys Alt+F.
  2. Click More tools and then choose Extensions.
  3. Click the Remove button next to the unwanted extension.
  4. Open the More tools menu again and choose Clear browsing data.
  5. Move to the Advanced menu and select the desired time range and boxes.
  6. Click the Clear data button and then restart the browser. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Searchaize*


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