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What is Search Tuner?

If you think that you can stream music using Search Tuner, you are wrong. Although the official installer on suggests that the tool can help you stream music for free, the truth is that the extension is more of a browser hijacker or an advertising tool than anything else. Our research team at identifies this extension as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) for several reasons. First of all, it does not function in a beneficial manner. Although it is meant to provide you with an “extensive music library,” it does not do that. Maybe a different version of this program works in that manner, but the one our research team analyzed did not work as a music streamer. Another reason to delete Search Tuner from your Google Chrome browser is to get rid of the undesirable search provider. When you install the PUP, it sets as the default search provider, and the results shown via it cannot be trusted. Keep reading to learn more.testtesttest

How does Search Tuner work?

If you have downloaded the suspicious Search Tuner via its official web page, you must have been routed to Maybe you discovered the extension via this source in the first place. Unfortunately, most Chrome users dealing with this potentially unwanted program are most likely to have let it in via suspicious pop-ups. The extension could also be introduced to users by redirecting them to the installer page. Here’s a very important question: Have you downloaded Search Tuner on its own or was it installed along with something else? At times, it could be hard to know if additional software was installed, which is why installing a reliable malware scanner is very important. You can successfully use a free malware scanner (click the Download link below) to figure out if you need to remove anything malicious. Hopefully, you do not need to worry about anything else because figuring out the PUP can be complicated enough. It does not appear to be malicious, and most users are unlikely to notice its existence at all. Nonetheless, its activity could be unpredictable, and removing it is strongly recommended.

Are you being redirected to Yahoo Search engine after downloading Search Tuner? That is because the search tool that this potentially unwanted program employs – – always redirects to If you are familiar with Yahoo Search, you might think that the search service can be trusted. Well, you need to be careful about that because by redirecting you via the PUP can include additional search results, and since these are completely unpredictable, it is possible that clicking them could be dangerous. The good name of Yahoo Search is often exploited by browser hijackers, including or The creators of these hijackers hope that you trust the results shown and interact with them carelessly. To make these results even more attractive, the suspicious Search Tuner is likely to use tracking cookies to spy on you and record information about your virtual activity. Even if no highly personal information is recorded, the data that is collected could help unknown parties to create more attractive offers, and since we know nothing about these parties, we cannot vouch for them being trustworthy.

How to delete Search Tuner

Whether you installed Search Tuner for free music streaming or the enhanced search service, you need to delete it because it does not function as promised. This potentially unwanted program does not appear to stream music, and its search service is very questionable. The PUP silently redirects to Yahoo Search via its own search tool, Without a doubt, you have enough reasons to delete this undesirable add-on from your Google Chrome browser. So, how will you do it? A malware scanner can help you make the decision. If the PUP is the only piece you need to remove, we are sure that you will be able to follow the guide below. Note that it includes steps that show how to clear browsing data to remove Search Tuner-related web cookies as well. If other threats are found, you might choose to use anti-malware software. Do not hesitate to install it if you also want full-time protection in the future.

Removal Instructions

  1. Launch Google Chrome and tap keys Alt+F.
  2. In the menu on the left move to More tools and then click Extensions.
  3. Click the trash bin next to the unwanted extension and choose Remove.
  4. Tap keys Ctrl+Shift+Delete.
  5. Select the time range and the boxes representing the data you want to clear.
  6. Click Clear Now and then restart the browser. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Search Tuner*

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