What is is a search engine that will take over your Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers if you ever install the extension MySafeTab. Even though it does not seem to be very reliable, there are many users who download it willingly from its official sources. At the time of writing, there are 81 654 users who have already downloaded and installed this extension from the Chrome Web Store (; however, it is not the only source it is possible to download it from. Specialists at have found out that the MySafeTab extension can be downloaded from as well, which means that there are much more users who have it installed on their computers. To be frank, you might detect it on your computer even though you have not downloaded it yourself because this software is spread in software bundles too, and many users agree to the installation unknowingly. Either way, we highly recommend that you remove MySafeTab and Continue reading the article to find out why our specialists are not fans, to put it mildly, of this extension and the search engine it promotes.testtesttest

What does do?

People who install the MySafeTab extension themselves expect that it will help them to protect the computer from all kinds of dangers because this piece of software is advertised as a beneficial tool that helps to access security software and other useful links. Unfortunately, it quickly turns out that MySafeTab is not as useful as it claims to be because it changes the New Tab page settings and the default search engine to only. Users will only see buttons leading to external websites, e.g. Some of these quick access buttons will also lead to official pages of security tools that are, unfortunately, not trustworthy. Therefore, we suggest that you do not use any tool promoted by for the sake of your system’s safety. Actually, it would be best to remove and then set a more reliable search provider instead of it because this search engine cannot be called reliable, and it is known that you might infect your PC with malware by simply using it to find the information on the web. We understand that it looks harmless because its search page is, and you see the Yahoo search results page after you enter the search query, but you should still be aware of the fact that the creator of could have modified it to show advertisements too. These ads are usually shown together with the legitimate search results, so it is hard to notice them. The main purpose of these commercials is to promote third-party websites, so you might end up on the website not associated with your search query and do not even know about that. Not all these third-party websites are reliable. To be honest, you risk infecting your computer with malware heavily by visiting them, so we suggest getting rid of as soon as possible.

Specialists at do not think that this search engine can be trusted also because it collects personal information. Users are informed about that in the Privacy Policy: “We may collect personal information at various times when you use our website or plugin.” Mainly, it gathers information provided by the user himself/herself, so you should not submit it if you do not want to share details about yourself with third parties. If you want to be sure that your privacy is safe, you still need to delete the MySafeTab extension and thus erase

Where does come from? does not differ from and at all, so it did not take long to find out that it is spread in the same manner as these search tools. In other words, you see the presence of because you have a browser extension installed on your computer. You might have downloaded it from its official website or the Chrome Web Store. Also, it is known that it is spread in software bundles too, which means that you might have allowed it to enter your PC unknowingly.

How to remove

It does not matter whether you have allowed the extension promoting to enter your PC willingly or not because you still need to erase it to get rid of the questionable search engine. Instructions placed below the article will help you to remove MySafeTab. If it is not true, or you simply wish to get rid of it quicker, you should scan your computer with a trustworthy antimalware scanner. If you want to be sure that you use a good tool, click on the Download button to get SpyHunter.


Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Tap Ctrl+Shift+A.
  3. Open Extensions.
  4. Select the unwanted extension and remove it.

Google Chrome

  1. Open your browser and tap Alt+F.
  2. Click More tools and then open Extensions.
  3. Select the extension you wish to remove.
  4. Click the recycle bin button.
  5. Click Remove. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of*

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