What is may look like a regular search engine, but it is not. Our cyber security experts have come to the conclusion that it is a browser hijacker due to the way its developers go about distributing it. Removing this search engine is highly recommended because it can end up on your PC without your knowledge. If you do not notice that your browser’s homepage has been replaced and use it as a typical search engine, then be warned that it can feature questionable promotional links that can jeopardize your PC’s security as they can download links of malicious software. It may also promote scam websites that can be clones of legitimate sites.test

What does do? is a simple browser hijacker that enters a computer via a malicious software installer that injects this hijacker into the browser. It replaces the homepage address and in some cases the new tab page. This particular hijacker is set to replace the homepage address if you use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer. The purpose for doing so is to make you use it to search the web as it draws Internet traffic to itself. Clearly, its creators want you to use it to search the web, but can you? or, better yet, should you? Researchers say that redirects all entered search terms to a modified Yahoo search engine. You may get ad-supported results that contain promotional links that may not be labeled as promotions. You might unknowingly enter a promoted website only to find out that it is not what its headline claimed it to be. You may enter fake online shopping sites that may trick you into disclosing your online baking credentials. In short, it can subject you to all kinds of malicious content if you are not careful.

Another important aspect to note is that it will collect anonymous information about you in order to somewhat personalize the promotional links you see. It is outlined in’s privacy policy that it can obtain information such as your browsing history, search terms entered, IP address, Internet Service Provider (ISP) domain name, browser type used, operating system installed, and so on. This hijacker collects this information with the help of browser cookies and web beacons. This information is vital as it can help this hijacker’s developers make more money by introducing you to content you may be interested in.

Where does come from?

Like many of the browser hijackers we write about, was created by Polarity Technologies, a company allegedly based in Cyprus that is dedicated to making dozens of browser hijackers each month. This company has been doing that consistently for the past year or so and it has resulted in the release of hundreds of hijackers. Among its many releases we see,, and, among others. Therefore, we do not think that this company will slow down any time soon since clandestine search results-based advertising is its bread and butter.

As far as the distribution methods of getting on to the computer on unsuspecting users are concerned, the developers seem to do a great job at distributing its hijackers, in particular and others as well. Our research has revealed that is being included in software bundles featured on,,, and These shady software distributing websites include this hijacker into their bundles and can install it onto your browser without your knowledge. For this reason, alone, you ought to replace the homepage address because it has been imposed on you.

How do I remove is nothing more but a browser hijacker aimed at replacing your browser’s homepage address in an effort to make use it as a regular search engine and view its ad-supported search results that can feature links to malicious content. To keep your PC out of harm’s way, you ought to remove this hijacker. If you want to do that, please see the guide provided below.

How to get rid of this hijacker

Google Chrome

  1. Hold down Windows+E keys.
  2. Enter C:\Users\{UserName}\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default in the address line and hit Enter.
  3. Find Preferences, Secure Preferences and Web Data files.
  4. Right-click and delete them.
  5. Empty the Recycle Bin.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Hold down Windows+E keys.
  2. Type C:\Users\{UserName}\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\{Unique Mozilla user ID} in the address box.
  3. Hit Enter.
  4. Open prefs.js with Notepad.
  5. Replace in user_pref("browser.startup.homepage", " ");
  6. Save and Close.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

  1. Hold down Windows+R keys.
  2. Enter regedit in the dialog box and click OK.
  3. In the Registry Editor, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main
  4. Locate Start Page on the right side of the window and right-click it.
  5. Select Modify and replace with another URL.
  6. Exit the Registry Editor. 100% FREE spyware scan and
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