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You should find set as the New Tab page on your browser if you downloaded an add-on named “Transit Locator.” Both of these tools were created by Eightpoint Technologies Ltd. and PolarityTechnologies Ltd., and they always come bundled together. The hijacker is not spread on its own, and the extension represents the hijacker. One might say that the extension and the hijacker are the exact same thing, except that when it comes to downloading and deleting this software, Transit Locator is the thing that is downloaded and that must be eliminated. At first sight, this software does not look malicious or suspicious, but our research team at recommends deleting and Transit Locator immediately. If you are worried that you will not be able to get rid of this strange hijacker, continue reading this report to gather knowledge, and if you continue to have questions afterward, do not forget to add them to the comments section.test

How does work? has many clones, including,, or They are not completely identical, but the layout is always the same, and the only thing that changes is the list of easy-access links displayed at the top and below the search box. In recent past, was promoting links to websites that offered information on bus services and rental car services. At the moment, however, the hijacker links to map-related sites, including,,, and These are all legitimate links, and clicking them should not put you in harm’s way. The links below the search box should route to legitimate websites as well. Well, if the hijacker is promoting reliable links, why should you delete it? First of all, it records information and tracks users’ activity. Additionally, it can share this information with unknown parties, and we have to consider the possibility that malicious parties could be involved. All in all, it is most important to remove the hijacker because of the unreliable search service it offers.

Have you used to browse the web already? If you have, did you notice it redirecting you to Yahoo Search? If is your default search provider and/or homepage, you might ignore this altogether. Unfortunately, the results can be modified, which means that the creator of the hijacker can add all kinds of links. You might face ads, surveys, scams, and maybe even malware if you interact with the search results carelessly, and that is why we recommend removing the hijacker. Before you eliminate this threat, we recommend scanning the operating system using a legitimate malware scanner. If you downloaded Transit Locator from or the Chrome web store (, no other threats should be found. However, if you used an unfamiliar downloader, and additional threats were found, you need to think carefully how you should go about removing everything that requires it.

How to delete

If you downloaded Transit Locator, and hijacked your browser, you might think that you need to eliminate the hijacker, but, in reality, it is connected to the extension, and that is the piece of software that you need to delete from your operating system and browsers. Internet Explorer users should be able to uninstall the application representing the PUP (potentially unwanted program), and Chrome and Firefox users should have no trouble eliminating it directly from the browsers. To make the removal of easy, we have created a removal guide. What if other threats exist? That is something you should think about carefully because if other threats do exist, you want to eliminate all of them. That is something legitimate and trustworthy anti-malware software can handle without any trouble. That is not the only reason to install it. We also recommend installing this software because it can ensure full-time protection against unwanted programs and hijackers in the future. Keep in mind that unless you protect your system now, new threats could attack soon.

Removal Guide

Internet Explorer

  1. Click the Windows logo on the Taskbar.
  2. Open Control Panel and then navigate to Uninstall a program.
  3. Uninstall the undesirable application.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open the browser, type about:addons into the address bar, and tap Enter.
  2. Click the Remove button linked to the undesirable extension.

Google Chrome

  1. Open the browser, type chrome://extensions/ into the address bar, and tap Enter.
  2. Click the Remove button linked to the undesirable extension. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of*


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