What is malware researchers warn that is a browser hijacker that might modify homepage, search provider, and new tab setting on your Chrome and Firefox browsers. Although most users install this search tool knowingly, they are forced into doing it because it is integrated into a seemingly beneficial browser extension, FunSecurityTab. Was this extension installed onto your browsers without your permission? If it was, you have the perfect reason to delete this suspicious software – along with the hijacker – from your operating system. Now, if you have installed this software willingly and knowingly, you might think it is reliable and harmless. Obviously, we would not discuss the removal of if this search provider was reliable and harmless. You can learn more about this hijacker by reading the report, and the instructions showing how to eliminate it are represented below.testtesttest

How does work?

If the suspicious has taken over your browsers after downloading the extension available at, you must know some things about this software. For example, you must know that it provides easy-access links to the “top security sites,” or that it provides a clean and fast search. Well, this is the official information, and it was created in a way to attract users, but, in reality, the services provided by this software are quite useless. Besides adding links to popular social networking sites, email providers, or web markets, it displays only a few links that are meant to represent security-related sites. Sure, some of these links are authentic (e.g.,, but others redirect you to more than suspicious websites that are hardly related to virtual security. Moreover, all of the sites promoted via can be easily accessed via any browser, and you simply do not need FunSecurityTab. In general, it is highly unlikely that this extension or the hijacker associated with it will help you with security-related problems, and you will not be protected while browsing the web. Speaking of browsing, the hijacker might look like a reliable search provider, but, in reality, it is completely worthless.

Although looks like a search provider, it is a redirection tool at best. This “search provider” will reroute your queries to an unrelated search engine, Yahoo Search, via, which is a suspicious search engine itself. Keep in mind that just because you are redirected to a different search engine it does not mean that the hijacker is out of the picture. In fact, it could modify the results you see to include sponsored links, which is something a commission is earned for. Besides serving as an advertising tool, is also a data collector. Using tracking cookies, this hijacker will record personally identifiable as well as non-personally identifiable information. This would be okay if this data was protected, but it does not seem that this hijacker can guarantee this. The Privacy Policy provided by Imali Media (you can find this statement at suggests that the hijacker works in favor of third-party “partners” (advertisers), and since we do not know who they are, we need to consider them being potentially unreliable.

How to delete does not offer beneficial services. The links this hijacker presents can be attached to your bookmarks bar, and the search tool is merely capable of redirecting you to a search engine that is likely to show sponsored links. According to our research, this hijacker was developed by Imali Media, and this company is associated with FunTVTab, TvNewTab, MediaNewPage, and many other suspicious add-ons that, just like FunSecurityTab, introduce users to browser hijackers. Sure, you might agree to install them yourself, but the reality is that you do not have another option. You can replace the unwanted homepage and search provider tools to get rid of the hijacker, but you also need to remove the extension associated with it. The manual removal guide below shows how to get rid of the extension and adjust search settings. If you have any questions about the removal process, please post your comment below. If you want to prevent other threats from slithering in, quickly install a reliable anti-malware tool.

Removal Instructions

Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Launch Firefox and tap Ctrl+Shift+A to access the Add-ons Manager.
  2. In the Extensions menu Remove the unwanted add-on.
  3. Tap Alt+T to access the Tools menu and click Options.
  4. In the menu on the left click General and find the Home Page section.
  5. Replace the unwanted URL.
  6. In the menu on the left click Search and set the desired provider.
  7. Select the unwanted search provider and click the Remove button.

Google Chrome:

  1. Launch Chrome, tap Alt+F, select More tools, and then Extensions.
  2. Click the recycle bin button linked to the unwanted add-on and click Remove.
  3. Tap Alt+F one more time and select Settings.
  4. Under On Startup choose Open a specific page or set of pages.
  5. Click Set pages and replace the unwanted URL. Click OK.
  6. Under Search click Manage search engines and set the preferred provider.
  7. Scroll over the unwanted provider, click X, and then click Done.
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