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What is Search Fort Pro?

Why did you install Search Fort Pro? Did you do it unknowingly? Or did you do it thinking that this extension could truly help you browse the web faster or somehow better? While it is unlikely that many users would let this PUP (potentially unwanted program) without realizing it, many could be tricked by the misleading information supporting it. For example, the installer available on the Chrome webstore suggests that the tool is meant to make the browsing experience must faster, which does not really make sense, but users might be intrigued. All in all, considering that the PUP does not have much weight – i.e., it does not really offer anything special of great – it is most likely that Google Chrome users are tricked or forced into installing it. Of course, regardless of how you installed the extension, you should remove it from your browser. The good news is that deleting Search Fort Pro is fairly simple.

How does Search Fort Pro work?

Search Fort Pro has an official website representing it. It’s However, when you click the Download link available on this site, you are presented with an installer that is originally found at This is the Chrome webstore link, and the installer informs that changes to the search settings are made by the PUP. Unfortunately, these changes are not specified, and so when the user installs the extension, they might not know that their Chrome default search provider is changed to No information about this change might be revealed at all if the user downloads Search Fort Pro via an unreliable installer. malware researchers who have tested this potentially unwanted program found that, in many cases, it is spread via untrustworthy file-sharing sites. If you have acquired the add-on via an unfamiliar installer, it is almost guaranteed that other threats exist on your operating system too. Quickly install a legitimate malware scanner to scan your system and uncover any threats that require removal. If serious threats are found, delete them ASAP.

It is known that Search Fort Pro can record information about the user as they browse the web, and that could be intrusive and undesirable; however, that is not the main reason why you should delete this PUP. Our researchers strongly recommend eliminating it because of the unreliable search service. Have you noticed that when you enter search keywords into the address bar, you are, in fact, redirected to Yahoo Search? If was your default search provider before the installation of the PUP, you are unlikely to notice this, but if you do, do not just assume that you are safe. The redirecting is unauthorized, and the search results, unfortunately, could show anything. Search Fort Pro could inject sponsored links, and interacting with those could be extremely dangerous. This is why you need to consider erasing this extension. It is notable that Yahoo Search is often used by unreliable PUPs and hijackers, including, iSportTV Search Plus, and

How to delete Search Fort Pro

You already know that removing Search Fort Pro is not a taxing task. Four simple steps can ensure that this potentially unwanted program is out of the picture for good. When you remove the extension, the default search provider is restored, and it is safe for you to browse the web again; given that you use a legitimate and trusted search tool for that. You should have scanned your operating system by now. Were other threats found? If they were, you also need to think about how you can delete them. If only a few of them exist, and they are not that dangerous – just like Search Fort Pro isn’t – hopefully, you can fix the mess yourself. However, if the files and programs found on your system are malicious, installing anti-malware software should be your next move. In fact, because this software can successfully protect you, your system, and your browsers against malware in the future, everyone in any situation should install it.

Removal Instructions

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Enter chrome://extensions/ into the address bar.
  3. In the Extensions menu locate Search Fort Pro.
  4. Click the trash bin icon next to it and select Remove. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Search Fort Pro*

Search Fort Pro

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