What is usually replaces a default search engine when a user installs Email Defend from its official website or it enters the system without permission. At first sight, this software looks really beneficial and decent because it promises to help you protect your email and PC from cyber criminals, scan websites against scam and phishing, and even find the necessary information very quickly. As it makes many promises, it is not surprising why users decide to install or keep Email Defend on their systems. Unfortunately, users soon notice that only a new search engine has appeared after the installation of this application. In other words, Email Defend is not as useful as it claims to be. Yes, there are easy-access links to IMDb, Netflix, and news websites on the startup page of; however, the search engine itself might be more harmful than beneficial, so we recommend getting rid of it. You will be able to do that if you delete Email Defend software from the system.testtesttest

How does act?

As has already been mentioned, will replace your regular homepage and modify your New Tab page; however, it is not the main reason why you should get rid of it and start using another search provider. Research carried out by the specialists at has shown that this search provider is unreliable in a sense that it can provide users with sponsored links and third-party ads. They are not dangerous themselves, but there is still a huge possibility that you will be redirected to other unreliable web pages after clicking on them. Unfortunately, we do not think that you will be able to recognize and ignore these ads and links because they might look like other regular search results. As you have probably understood, this search engine might really put your system at risk.

Yes, you can download Email Defend from its official web page, but if you cannot remember doing that, it is very likely that this software has slithered onto your computer rather secretly. Research has shown that it might have entered your system when you have clicked on the pop-up that appeared on or In most cases, these pop-ups appear to users when they try to download some kind of program from any of these websites. Researchers also believe that a bunch of untrustworthy software might have been installed on your system alongside Email Defend too, so we suggest scanning your system with an antimalware scanner. You can also try to check your system’s condition yourself too, but we believe that it is not an easy task to do.

How to get rid of

It is rather easy to get rid of because it disappears after the browsers’ reset. You can find the instructions that will help you to do that below this article. Unfortunately, threats that might have entered your system together with it cannot be erased so easily. Specialists working at say that they might not have uninstalls, which means that you will not be able to eliminate them like other applications. If you feel that you will not be able to erase and other undesirable programs yourself, you should simply scan your system with SpyHunter. This antimalware tool will erase existing threats very quickly.


Google Chrome

  1. Open your browser and access the menu.
  2. Select Settings and scroll down.
  3. Click Show advanced settings
  4. Click Reset settings and then click the Reset button.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Tap Alt+H.
  3. Select Troubleshooting information and click Refresh Firefox.
  4. Click the Refresh Firefox button once again.

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