What is is a potentially harmful browser plugin that is represented as a regular search engine that you can use to surf the web. From first sight, will not raise any questions, especially since it offers you to browse Web, Videos, Images and Twitter just like any other reliable search system. This, however, is just a tricky exterior that can hide surreptitious cyber criminals’ scams. The malicious application may use drive-by downloads to start running within your system, immediately after which your browsing experience will be corrupted, and there will be no other way to fix the issue than to have removed.

Even though the application can get into your browser without your authorization, its appearance will not be as secretive because of constant redirections to such precarious web sites as and Additionally, your Internet connection could become very slow, and your search results might promote web sources that have nothing to do with your search queries. This is a sign that the creators of the plugin do not care about useful search results and will promote those sources that will pay money. Needless to say, this is the quickest way for schemers to reach you via deceptive advertisements and online offers. Therefore, if you notice any of these symptoms or AutoComplete Pro toolbar running within your browser, you need to terminate your Internet tasks and take care of removal.

There is no doubt that it will not be easy to delete, because schemers are interested in keeping the infection running within your operating system for as long as possible. This is why it should not surprise you if you cannot remove the malign plugin through the Control Panel or browser reconfiguration settings. All in all, it is clear that your computer is in a great need for a legal security application that is employed with automatic malware detection and removal functions. Therefore, whether you have experience with manual removal or not, you should delete with such trustworthy tools as SpyHunter.

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