Screenlocker Cuzimvirus

What is Screenlocker Cuzimvirus?

Sometimes programs look more dangerous than they really are, and Screenlocker Cuzimvirus is one of such applications. Our security experts say that this program is a Trojan that tries to look like a genuine ransomware application. However, the program does not work properly. While that is a shame for its creators, it is a piece of good news for us because it means we will be able to remove Screenlocker Cuzimvirus without much difficulty.

In this description, we will tell you more about potential distribution methods this program employs, and what happens when the infection enters your computer. The most important thing is that you should not panic when that happens.testtest

Where does Screenlocker Cuzimvirus come from?

This Trojan spreads via spam email messages. Here you might say that all the spam messages you receive go straight into your Junk folder, but the problem is that spam campaigns have evolved tremendously in the recent days. For the most part, it is easy to say which messages are legitimate and which are fake, but there are also such spam messages that look like actual notifications from real corporations.

For instance, have you been waiting for an invoice from your bank? Did the invoice arrive recently in the attachment? If so, you should scan the attachment with a security program before you open it because it is very likely this attachment could have brought Screenlocker Cuzimvirus to your computer. It is important to understand that reputable companies seldom send important information in email attachments. The information will probably be embedded in the message itself, rather than in an additional file. So before you open anything like that, you should think whether this is really the notification you have been waiting for.

What does Screenlocker Cuzimvirus do?

The purpose of this malicious Trojan is not clear. Normally, such programs should force users into paying a lot of money for a decryption key. Also, it would be logical to expect a Trojan to steal important data or simply cripple the affected system. However, Screenlocker Cuzimvirus does not do anything of the kind.

Therefore, our security experts believe that this program is underdeveloped, and it might be improved lately. However, at the moment, it only shows a big warning box that covers your screen and cannot be closed. This warning box contains a message that your computer has been blocked. It says that you can unblock your computer if you send an email to the given address. It does not mention a ransom or anything like that. It seems that Screenlocker Cuzimvirus is just a test run for its developers, and we can only image what we could expect from them in the future.

What’s more, the program does not block your computer as it claims. This so-called lock-screen can be minimized, and you can kill the program’s process via Task Manager. So there is nothing extremely dangerous or terrifying about the application. Nevertheless, it does not mean you can ignore it or everything it does to your system.

No matter how insignificant an infection might seem, it is still a malicious security threat, and you should take care of it immediately.

How do I remove Screenlocker Cuzimvirus?

We have compiled manual removal instructions for this infection. Some users do not like deleting malware manually because they are not used to dealing with important system files. If you are one of such users, there is also a solution for that.

Manual removal can be performed by anyone, but there is a faster and more efficient way to deal with computer infections. You can remove them all automatically with a licensed antispyware tool. And notice how we use plural for computer infections. We do that because we are sure there are more unwanted and dangerous programs on your computer.

There is a very big chance that the Trojan did not enter your system alone, so you need to identify all the potential threats and remove them immediately. Once your computer is safe and clean again, safeguard it against similar infections by acquiring a powerful security application. Finally, do not forget that your web browsing habits are just as important in ensuring your system’s security. Do not open unfamiliar attachments and stay away from unknown websites.

Manual Screenlocker Cuzimvirus Removal

  1. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc and open Task Manager.
  2. Open the Processes tab and click the Ransomware final (32bit)* process.
  3. Click End process and exit Task Manager.
  4. Press Win+R and the Run prompt will open.
  5. Type %TEMP% into the Open box. Click OK.
  6. Delete a random-name .exe file.
  7. Search for the same file in the Downloads folder and on the Desktop.
  8. If found, delete it.
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