Screen Dream Toolbar

What is Screen Dream Toolbar?

If you are a movie buff, Screen Dream Toolbar might attract you. This extension is meant to help you access “exciting new trailers” directly from your Google Chrome’s New Tab. The extension also comes with a search tool. If you use movie-related apps and websites, you must know that access to trailers is not a significantly useful service. Nonetheless, Google Chrome users have installed this extension, and so it is likely that someone has found it attractive. Otherwise, this extension must have been installed silently, without permission, or by accident. The latter is most likely to be the case, and you might have overlooked the installer of this PUP (potentially unwanted program) when installing something else using a bundled downloader. All in all, whether you have installed it on its own or along with something else, there are reasons why you might want to consider deleting Screen Dream Toolbar. If you are ready for the removal of the extension, you can find a guide below, but we suggest reading the report first.test

How does Screen Dream Toolbar work? researchers indicate that APN, LLC is the company that stands behind Screen Dream Toolbar. It also stands behind MovieJunkies New Tab, YourDailyTrailer, and a bunch of other extensions that we identify as PUPs as well. The company has done a good job at presenting these PUPs in a professional way. Screen Dream Toolbar has an official website (, and it is also introduced on the reputable Chrome Web Store ( If this is where you downloaded the PUP from, it must have been installed on its own. However, if you remember executing a bundled downloader, or if you have no idea where this PUP has come from at all, it is imperative that you scan your operating system right away. Implement a trusted malware scanner, and soon you will find out if there is anything that you need to remove besides the PUP. Hopefully, that is not something that you need to worry about; however, if you do, perform the removal immediately. What about the PUP? Why should you consider deleting it?

Screen Dream Toolbar is meant to offer useful services, but it is questionable whether that is the intention. The New Tab page presents links to third-party sites that offer movie trailers, related news, and similar content. However, you could easily bookmark those sites and access them from your browser. If you strip away the third-party links, all that Screen Dream Toolbar can offer is a search tool. If you enter keywords into it, you are redirected to The PUP reads your browsing history, and it can track your interaction with the websites, ads, and links you face online. All of this information can help third-party advertisers to select the ads that you are most likely to click on. Where are these ads shown? Via the search results that you see when you enter keywords into the PUP’s search box. So, perhaps this PUP is just an advertising tool? Whatever the case might be, we certainly do not find it to be very useful or transparent, and if you agree with us, perhaps you decide to delete it.

How to delete Screen Dream Toolbar

Open your browser, find the PUP in the Extensions menu, and click ‘Remove.’ That is pretty much the main thing you need to do if you want to remove Screen Dream Toolbar. Besides that, it is also a good idea to clear browsing data, which is how you get rid of data-trackers. The process is simple, and we are sure that you can handle it even if this is the first time you are erasing unwanted extensions or clearing cookies. Of course, if you downloaded the PUP along with other suspicious extensions or programs, this might not be the best option. Have you scanned your system to identify all threats already? If you know what you are dealing with, you can look up removal guides on our website. Otherwise, employ an anti-malware tool that will automatically delete Screen Dream Toolbar along with other threats. Note that besides erasing PUPs and malware, this software can also protect you, which is why you should really consider implementing it.

Removal Instructions (Google Chrome)

  1. Open the browser and enter chrome://extensions into the address bar.
  2. Identify the unwanted extension and then click the Remove button next to it.
  3. Enter chrome://settings/clearBrowserData into the address bar.
  4. In the Advanced menu, choose the right time range and boxes.
  5. Click the Clear data button and then scan your system for any leftover threats. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Screen Dream Toolbar*

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