Scarab-Skype Ransomware

What is Scarab-Skype Ransomware?

Scarab-Skype Ransomware has nothing to do with Skype, and it is not after its users in particular. The only reason why the malicious application has the popular telecommunications program’s title in its name is that it uses a .skype extension to mark all files it encrypts. Such data becomes unusable and to extort money from users who have no backup copies, the malware should show a message saying it is possible to decrypt affected files for a particular price. Needless to say, there are no guarantees when dealing with cybercriminals and doing so is always risky. If you do not want to risk losing your money in vain for data that got encrypted, we advise closing ransom note and erasing Scarab-Skype Ransomware. The instructions available at the end of this article show how to remove this threat manually, although it can be deleted with the help of a legitimate antimalware tool too. To learn more about its removal and the malware’s working manner, we invite you to read our full article.

Where does Scarab-Skype Ransomware come from?

It is likely that Scarab-Skype Ransomware’s victims are tricked into launching the malware’s installer. In other words, its victims could infect their systems unknowingly. For instance, the threat’s creators could disguise the installer and distribute it through email. Therefore, we believe it is essential not to open data you receive from unknown sources unless you are one hundred percent sure there is nothing to worry about. Otherwise, you should take a moment to scan a received email attachment with a legitimate antimalware tool. If the file does appear to be harmful, the chosen tool ought to help you delete it from the system. If it is not, you will now know that you can open it without having to fear it could infect your computer. Keep in mind that some malicious applications do not create any data or settle in, which means they can do what they were programmed to, for example, encrypt all user’s important files like in this case, faster. Needless to say, you might be unable to interrupt the process or may not even realize what is going on before it is too late.

How does Scarab-Skype Ransomware work?

As mentioned earlier, the malicious application was created to encrypt files on an infected device. Our researchers at say Scarab-Skype Ransomware may encrypt user’s photos, pictures, various documents, and other files considered to be personal. As for program data, the malware ought to leave it alone as such files can be replaced and are often considered to be less important compared to photographs and documents, which might be irreplaceable.

Of course, some users back up their data regularly, and in case they receive a threat like Scarab-Skype Ransomware they can simply erase it and then replace enciphered data with backup copies. Nonetheless, cybercriminals know that not all users are prepared for such emergencies. This is why the malware ought to drop a ransom note with instructions on how to contact the malware’s developers. According to the note, they can deliver a decryption tool if a user contacts them and pays a ransom. As you probably realize, there are no guarantees they will provide the promised decryption tool and will not ask for more payments.

How to eliminate Scarab-Skype Ransomware?

If you decide paying a ransom is a bad idea, we recommend removing Scarab-Skype Ransomware. To delete it manually you should erase its installer that could be any recently downloaded file. The instructions available below will explain how to complete this task. If you find it difficult, we recommend using a legitimate antimalware tool instead.

Erase Scarab-Skype Ransomware

  1. Click Ctrl+Alt+Delete.
  2. Pick Task Manager and select Processes.
  3. Locate a process belonging to the threat.
  4. Select it and click End Task.
  5. Exit Task Manager.
  6. Click Windows key+E.
  7. Locate these paths:
  8. Locate the malicious application’s launcher.
  9. Right-click it and select Delete.
  10. Exit File Explorer.
  11. Empty your Recycle Bin.
  12. Restart the computer. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Scarab-Skype Ransomware*

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