Scarab-Osk Ransomware

What is Scarab-Osk Ransomware?

Scarab-Osk Ransomware could rename and encrypt all of your data, so if it manages to infect your device, you might not only find it difficult to recognize your files but also impossible to open them. Soon after ruining the victim’s files, the malware should show a ransom note asking for a payment. The price for the decryption tool may look rather small compared to how valuable your data could be to you, but you should think about it carefully. There are no reassurances the hackers will not ask for more money or try to scam victims in other ways. Meaning, it is quite possible paying the ransom might be same as throwing your money out. Provided that you do not want to risk being scammed, we advise deleting Scarab-Osk Ransomware. The steps located below could help users remove it faster, and anyone who needs more information about the infection can find it further in the text.

Where does Scarab-Osk Ransomware come from?

The malicious program could infect your device after running a harmful software installer, a suspicious email attachment, etc. The truth is there are many methods hackers behind Scarab-Osk Ransomware could use. Nonetheless, it does not mean it is impossible to guard your system against such threats. First of all, we advise being careful with all files sent via Spam emails or downloaded from torrent and other doubtful web pages. Then, it would be smart to renew old software and passwords, so the computer would not have any weaknesses. No doubt, placing a legitimate antimalware tool capable of protecting the system against various threats could be smart too.

How does Scarab-Osk Ransomware work?

The malware does not lock user’s screen or ruin system files. According to our researchers, Scarab-Osk Ransomware encrypts only the files considered to be private or personal, e.g., photos, videos, archives, various documents, etc. What’s more, it appears to be the user might be unable to recognize his data once it gets enciphered because the threat may replace original titles with names from random characters. For example, a document called text.docx might be renamed to 9qABh0=jP812TBmbP79aNRMn8fKLPa5dW9asTRWpeA2PHYTWSpLds.osk. Replacing the name or the extension might be not only impossible but also useless as such changes cannot restore encrypted files.

As you realize the only way to decrypt enciphered data is with a particular decryption tool. Of course, we do not advise purchasing it even if you do not have any backup. The suggestion to buy such a tool should be delivered through a text document named HOW TO RECOVER ENCRYPTED FILES.TXT. Our researchers at say it should appear on the victim’s Desktop. Moreover, inside of it, you might find instructions telling how to contact the malware’s creators and how to obtain Bitcoins as the hackers want to receive a ransom of 0,013 BTC or around 90 US dollars. The worst part is no matter how they may try to convince their victims they would send the promised decryption tool right after they get the payment, in reality, there are no guarantees. On the contrary, given you would be dealing with hackers, we believe it is rather possible you could end up being tricked. Thus, we advise not to risk your money for something you might never receive and erase Scarab-Osk Ransomware instead.

How to delete Scarab-Osk Ransomware?

There are a couple of ways to erase Scarab-Osk Ransomware from the device. The first option is to locate all data belonging to t and eliminate it manually. Since this task could be a bit difficult for less experienced users, we recommend following the steps located at the end of this paragraph. The second option might appear to be a bit easier as you would simply need to pick a legitimate antimalware tool, do a full system scan, and then click the removal button to get rid of the malicious program and other possible threats at the same time.

Get rid of Scarab-Osk Ransomware

  1. Tap Ctrl+Alt+Delete.
  2. Launch Task Manager.
  3. Look for the malicious program’s process.
  4. Select the malicious process and press End Task.
  5. Leave the Task Manager.
  6. Tap Windows key+E.
  7. Check the given folders one by one:
  8. Look for the malware’s launcher (file opened before the computer got infected), then right-click it and press Delete.
  9. Go to the Desktop folder and remove the malware’s ransom note called HOW TO RECOVER ENCRYPTED FILES.TXT.
  10. Empty Recycle bin.
  11. Restart the device. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Scarab-Osk Ransomware*

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