Scanfolder Disk

What is Scanfolder Disk?

Scanfolder Disk is a disk optimizer, the supposed goal of which is to help you find duplicate files which can be removed from the computer. Very often users cannot understand why there is so little space on their hard drive, so Scanfolder Disk is said to enable users to find old and unnecessary files that could be replaced by new ones if more space was needed. The seemingly handy program is presented as a tool that can help you free up disk space by scanning all the data and filtering outdated files. But is it all that you really need? Scanfolder Disk has recently been attributed to the category of potentially unwanted programs (PUPs), and this usually happens for a reason. Moreover, PUPs are normally added onto the detection lists of malware prevention programs, which means that they can be removed from computers as well as serious computer threats.test

How does Scanfolder Disk work?

The Scandiskfolder Disk program offers a limited number of features, but it is presented as a tool that is easy to use. The application provides a total number of files in a scanned folder and the amount of the disk space used by each item in percentage form. Fortunately or not, Scanfolder Disk does not terminate duplicate files itself. The user has to decide which files are no longer necessary and delete those files manually. In general, Scanfolder is considered as a lightweight program that is easy to use, but some detailed guidelines on how to use the program efficiently would change the perception of the tool.

Why should you remove Scanfolder Disk?

Potentially unwanted programs are software programs that typically gets onto computers without the user's permission. The permission might be asked, but users very often fail to notice the opt-out boxes when installing software. A potentially unwanted program is usually installed alongside a primary program, which typically does not have anything in common with the program selected in the first place. Malware distributors bundle questionable programs randomly since their goal is to spread their product to as many computers as possible. Thus, you should be very attentive to every page of the installer so that you do not miss something relevant.

Software distribution aside, Scanfolder Disk seems to be not as see-through as you would expect it to be. Once installed, the software connects to unreliable Russian websites to transmit coded information. Since the data communicated is encoded, it is impossible to reveal the content. More important, Scanfolder Disk seems to be associated with click frauds, which refers to activities when pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements are purposely clicked on to earn more money or destroy someone's ad campaign. Click frauds are of several types, one of which deals with malicious software programmed to generate clicks and drive traffic to the landing pages. The odds are that the Scanfolder Disk can turn your PC into a bot generating those clicks, which may result in some changes of the system performance. When a computer functions as a bot, sluggish performance, which usually means slower processing, can be noticed. If you have noticed some changes in the way your computer operates, that might suggest that you have fallen victim to the potentially unwanted program in question.

How to remove Scanfolder Disk?

Scanfolder Disk is put on the detection list of our recommended security program, so you can have the PUP removed for you in no time. You should keep in mind that there are multiple other unreliable programs that can access your computer unexpectedly, causing a lot of harm and long-term consequences. Every unprotected system faces some risk once connected to the Internet, so, if you want to be sure that you are safe online, considering implementing a reputable anti-malware tool.

We also offer you a manual removal guide, which would help you get rid of Scanfolder Disk. If you have any questions regarding the removal of the unwanted program, feel free to leave a comment below since you remove Scanforlder Disk at your own risk.

Remove Scanfolder Disk

  1. Press Win+R and type in %PROGRAMFILES% and press Enter.
  2. Delet the folder Diskscanner.
  3. Using the Win+R command, access the %WINDIR%\system32\tasks\microsoft directory and delete these task files: System Optimizer and Protection System. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Scanfolder Disk*

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