What is SaveDefender?

SaveDefender is just another malicious antispyware product which is being used to try and get people to part with their money. SaveDefender or Save Defender actually had a reputation for creating false computer security tools and is not to be trusted. SaveDefender makes use of fake online scans which it uses by scaring it's victims into purchasing the full version. It also highly suggests that you make use of SaveDefender in order to remove the infections that it claims is running on your machine.
SaveDefender does nothing like the name implies and actually causes more harm than good. There is no good that will come from SaveDefender and it will only bring you negative consequences for your life and your computer. SaveDefender may even hide itself in order you not to find it. It is best for you to consult with an expert or alternatively to invest in a good antispyware removal product that will properly remove SaveDefender completely from your machine. Do not fall for any scams which are related to SaveDefender.

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