Rush Music Search

What is Rush Music Search?

Has your default search provider been changed to Rush Music Search out of the blue? If so, it is very likely that this has happened not without reason. The majority of users whose search engines are changed to this search tool install the browser extension named Rush Music Search on their computers themselves. Some of them download it from, which is the extension’s official website, or directly from the Chrome Web Store, whereas others cannot even explain how this piece of software has managed to enter their computers. The Rush Music Search extension is presented as a useful tool for those who wish to perform music searches right from their web browsers’ URL bar, but we cannot confirm that it will really improve your web browsing experience. Also, you need to know that your web browser’s settings will be changed if you install Rush Music Search. If you are not ready for that, you should choose another program for performing music searches on the web. In case you have already installed Rush Music Search and found your default search provider changed, you could only undo the changes applied by deleting Rush Music Search from the system completely. You should take care of all other undesirable/unknown applications active on your system at the same time because they may cause you problems.testtest

Where does Rush Music Search come from?

Some users no doubt install Rush Music Search on their systems consciously because they expect that they will improve their web browsing experience with this simple step. The extension can be downloaded directly from its two official sources, i.e. its official website and the Chrome Web Store. Additionally, it seems that it might come as a redirect. That is, you might be offered to install it/end up on its download page by simply browsing some other pages or clicking on certain links found on the web. Also, you could have installed this piece of software by clicking on the click-to-install commercial advertisement you have been provided with while surfing the Internet. It is the same program no matter how it has appeared on your computer. Researchers have decided to classify Rush Music Search as a potentially unwanted program because they have found several drawbacks that make this program quite suspicious. The next paragraph will tell you more about it, and we are sure it will be easier for you to decide whether or not it should stay installed after you gain more knowledge about this piece of software.

What does Rush Music Search do?

Rush Music Search promises to enable users to perform music searches by simply typing rushmusic in the URL bar and tapping the TAB button. The program allows users to search for music by entering the artist’s or the song’s name. It seems that it may help some users to save time by making their web searches more effective. Of course, we are sure that not all the users consider it very useful, and we cannot blame them because Rush Music Search does not do anything except for changing the default search provider on users’ Google Chrome browsers. Specialists say that there is also a possibility that users will be presented with ads if they search for the information using Rush Music Search, for example, some of the links the search tool returns after you enter a search query might be the so-called sponsored links. According to specialists, the Rush Music Search browser extension might also be used to collect information about users. Luckily, potentially unwanted programs can only access non-personal details.

How to remove Rush Music Search

You do not need to have any special skills or knowledge to delete Rush Music Search from your system, so if you know that you are not going to use it, its installation on your computer is a pure surprise, or you have simply changed your mind about it soon after you have installed it on your PC consciously, we would suggest removing it without consideration. There is no point in keeping useless programs, believe us. Have you never erased any program in your life manually? In such a case, you should use instructions prepared by our specialists or simply perform a system scan with an antimalware tool to remove it.

Delete Rush Music Search manually

Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Open the browser’s menu (tap Alt+F).
  3. Click More tools.
  4. Open Extensions.
  5. Locate Rush Music Search.
  6. Click Remove next to it. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Rush Music Search*

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