Rsa-ni Ransomware

What is Rsa-ni Ransomware?

Rsa-ni Ransomware is a malicious computer infection that terrorizes users into spending their money on a key that should “release” their data from its evil hands. For the most part, this program affects servers and networks, and it is not common to find it on individual desktop computers. Thus, it is probably possible to say that Rsa-ni Ransomware is aiming a little bit higher. Nevertheless, even so, it does not make it any different from all the previously released, those infected need to work on removing this program from their systems. In this description, we will discuss the program in greater detail.

Where does Rsa-ni Ransomware come from?

First, we would like to point out that there are at least two different types of ransomware infections that use the same name. Back in December 2017, an Rsa-ni Ransomware application that encrypts files in the AES-256 algorithm was discovered. However, the one we are dealing with here today is a different infection. Both programs different ransom notes, so we can assume that they come from different sources. Why then, you might ask, they use the same name?

Naming is a tricking issue in the cyber crime world. For the most part, various infections do not even have designated names, and the names are often given by the developers who discover these infections. On the other hand, the interesting thing about these two programs is that the name is there in the ransom note, and the name is exactly the same. Yet, once again, it does not mean that they have been released by the same developers.

As far as the distribution vector is concerned, it might be hard to determine how Rsa-ni Ransomware enters target systems. We know for sure that spam email messages are the most common ransomware distribution tool. However, it might also be possible that this program gets distributed directly, for example, through an unsafe remote desktop connection. This means that you need to invest in your network security and make sure that all the users are well aware of the potential system threats. It is a lot easier to infect a system when at least one of the links is weak. Hence, you should consider prevention one of your top priorities if you want to avoid the likes of Rsa-ni Ransomware.

What does Rsa-ni Ransomware do?

The version we are talking about here is a bit different from the other ransomware programs we are used to today. Normally, we deal with encrypting ransomware infections that encrypt user files and then demand that users pay money to get them back. Rsa-ni Ransomware, on the other hand, does something else.

According to the ransom note, the program copies important (and probably sensitive) data from your servers and then expects you to pay money to get it all back. Here is what the ransom note says:

IMPORTANT: [individual info] and [individual info]
We hacked your server and copied your important data.
Please write us to the e-mail in 24 hours
After payment, Your data will be destroyed, Otherwise your data will be leaked to the public.

If you store extremely sensitive information on your servers, this notification might seem extremely worrying, but let us take a look at the first claim in it: your data has been COPIED. It means that the information on your servers itself was not affected in any way. What’s more, it is very unlikely that Rsa-ni Ransomware would leak extremely private information to the public (those who store such information surely have really strong legal and technical teams behind their back).

Therefore, your task right now is removing Rsa-ni Ransomware from your system. Do not even consider paying these criminals anything because it would solve nothing.

How do I remove Rsa-ni Ransomware?

It is very likely that the installer file for this infection will be somewhere in the Downloads folder of one of your computers. Then you will have to remove the ransom note and perform a full system scan with your antispyware program. If you do not feel like deleting it on your own, you can leave it to the security tool. However, make sure that when you are done with the removal process, all the malicious files that were on your system are gone for good.

Manual Rsa-ni Ransomware Removal

  1. Remove unfamiliar files from Desktop.
  2. Open your Downloads folder.
  3. Delete unfamiliar files.
  4. Delete the Attention!!! Your data breaches!!!.txt file.
  5. Scan your your with a security tool. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Rsa-ni Ransomware*

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