Rooster865qq Ransomware

What is Rooster865qq Ransomware?

Rooster865qq Ransomware is a recently created ransomware application. As most threats from this category, it encrypts files to take them as hostages and displays a ransom note explaining how to get affected data back. The malware’s note does not provide instructions on how to pay a ransom, but it has the malicious application’s creators’ contact information. Of course, we do not advise contacting them. Hackers are not trustworthy people, and there is always a risk they could scam their victims, in which case, things might get even worse. Therefore, you should consider it carefully. At first, we recommend checking if you have any backup copies that you could use instead of data that got encrypted. If you do, we advise removing Rooster865qq Ransomware with no hesitation. To learn more about this threat, we invite you to read our full article.testtest

Where does Rooster865qq Ransomware come from?

Often threats like Rooster865qq Ransomware appear on a system when you least expect it. For example, it could appear after opening a text document or a picture. In reality, data launched by its victims might only look harmless. In other words, the malicious application’s launcher could be disguised in order not to raise suspicion. It could be sent to targeted users via Spam emails, or victims might download them from file-sharing sites and other unreliable sources. To avoid making such a mistake, we advise keeping away from questionable websites as well as not to rush opening files received with Spam or messages from people you do not know. If you want to make sure that a document or any other file is not a malicious launcher in disguise, we recommend scanning data with a legitimate antimalware tool before opening it.

How does Rooster865qq Ransomware work?

It would seem Rooster865qq Ransomware starts running as soon as you open its launcher. It does not even need to create a copy of its launcher or other data on an infected device. Instead, the malware should identify its targeted files, which could be various documents, pictures, archives, video/music files, and so on. Next, the threat should encrypt targeted data with a reliable encryption algorithm. As a result, files should become locked, and the only way to restore them is to use a unique decryption key created during encryption and a special decryption tool. Unfortunately, the unique decryption key and the decryptor are things that only the malware’s developers might have.

The note that Rooster865qq Ransomware leaves on infected devices claims that cybercriminals can prove they have needed decryption means by unlocking a few files free of charge. The bad news is that for restoring the rest of the affected data, they demand to make a payment. The price is unspecified though, as the note claims, it will be determined after victims contact the malware’s creators. Naturally, if you fear hackers could trick you and do not want to put up with their demands, we advise not to pay any attention to their ransom note. Instead, you could eliminate Rooster865qq Ransomware. Once your system is clean, it should be safe to replace encrypted files with backup files if you have them.

How to eliminate Rooster865qq Ransomware?

The truth is that the malware might delete itself as soon as it finishes encrypting targeted files. At least, the sample tested by our researchers at acted this way, although it did not remove its ransom note. However, it is possible the threat could have other versions, in which case, it might be smart to check whether the malware did delete itself or not. If you want to do so manually, you can use the instructions available below. The other way to check it is to scan your computer with a legitimate antimalware tool that could detect and remove Rooster865qq Ransomware for you.

Erase Rooster865qq Ransomware

  1. Click Ctrl+Alt+Delete.
  2. Pick Task Manager and select Processes.
  3. Check if there are any suspicious processes that could belong to the threat.
  4. If you find a malicious process, click it to select it and press the End Task button.
  5. Exit Task Manager.
  6. Click Windows key+E.
  7. Locate these paths:
  8. See if you can find the malware’s launcher; it might be any recently downloaded file.
  9. Right-click it and select Delete.
  10. Check the same directories again and search for a document called ids.txt.
  11. Right-click ids.txt and select Delete.
  12. Exit File Explorer.
  13. Empty your Recycle Bin.
  14. Restart the computer. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Rooster865qq Ransomware*

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