Robin Hood And Family Ransomware

What is Robin Hood And Family Ransomware?

Robin Hood And Family Ransomware is a malicious computer infection that tries to trick users into paying money for something it cannot deliver. In a sense, it can be even worse than your regular ransomware infections because this program does not encrypt your files – it deletes them. Therefore, in the light of such infections it is extremely important that you keep a system back-up, saving copies of your important files in an external hard drive or any other place where you can store them. We will show you how to remove Robin Hood And Family Ransomware from your system, but please note that removing this infection does not bring your files back.test

Where does Robin Hood And Family Ransomware come from?

Needless to say, when people know how malware spreads around, it is a lot easier to protect their computers from such infections. Our research team suggests that Robin Hood And Family Ransomware spreads through phishing emails. It would not be surprising because spam and phishing emails happen to be the most common ransomware distribution medium.

It also means that Robin Hood And Family Ransomware may infect both individual and corporate computers. In fact, research and news reports have shown that ransomware infections usually target small businesses as opposed to individual users because small business have more to lose and they tend to avoid installing into their cyber security because of limited funds. Thus, if a program like Robin Hood And Family Ransomware infects a computer system from some small company, it is very likely that the company in question would be willing to pay the ransom fee to get its files back.

So how to avoid getting infected with Robin Hood And Family Ransomware? Do NOT open attachments from unknown senders and do NOT click links that redirect you to unknown websites. Sometimes these phishing emails look like they were sent by reliable companies, but if you did not expect a message from a particular institution, you should be careful about it! If a suspicious email urges you to open an attached file, you can always scan that file with a licensed security scanner before opening it.

What does Robin Hood And Family Ransomware do?

Judging from the program’s name, we would expect it to run an encrypting algorithm and lock up most of your personal files. However, the infection does not do that. Instead, it DELETES your files. Luckily, it does not delete everything. During our tests, we have found that it only deletes files from your desktop and the default Documents folder. So if you store most of your files someplace else, it is very likely that they will remain unaffected.

Robin Hood And Family Ransomware will also make itself obvious once the infection takes place because it drops a ransom note on your desktop. The filename of the ransom note is YOU ARE HACKED - READ ME.txt, and if you open it, you will find the following text:

So, what the fuck just happened!!!???
You are hacked! In the past few hours, days, weeks or even monts (who knows how long) we have backed up all data from your computer. After that, well, we permanently deleted all your files. And no, you can't restore data from recycle bin.
How to retrieve your data? It's very easy, you have to pay 0.1 BTC (Bitcoin) to the folowing BITCOIN ADDRESS:
Note: Be careful with uppercase and lowercase letters in the address.

Our research team says that paying the ransom is pointless because this program does not back up your files. It means that it deletes the data permanently, and it only wants to grab your money and make run for it. Instead of paying the money, you should focus on removing Robin Hood And Family Ransomware from your computer, and looking for ways to retrieve at least most of your files.

How do I remove Robin Hood And Family Ransomware?

It is not hard to delete this ransomware infection because it does not drop additional files. You just need to delete the file the launched the infection and you most probably will find it in your Downloads folder. However, you should still scan your system with a security application afterwards because you need to make sure that there are not more unwanted and potentially dangerous programs installed. Do everything it takes to protect your personal data and your computer from malicious exploitation.

Manual Robin Hood And Family Ransomware Removal

  1. Open your Downloads folder.
  2. Remove the most recently downloaded .exe files.
  3. Empty your Recycle Bin.
  4. Scan your PC with SpyHunter. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Robin Hood And Family Ransomware*

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