Rargenie Adware

What is Rargenie Adware?

Allegedly, Rargenie Adware is a free archiver for Mac OS X. Of course, its official name does not include the word “adware” but since it has been classified as such, “adware” is used to identify it as an ad-supported application that does more to advertise than to provide other features. Therefore, we recommend that you remove this application from your Mac as soon as the opportunity arises because its ads are not only annoying but can promote malicious content. Please read this whole article to find out more about it.

Where does Rargenie Adware come from?

Our researchers have found that Rargenie Adware is disseminated on its dedicated website at Rar-genie.com. This site claims that this program is easy to use and can compress your files and folder into many file formats that include 7z, Zip, Tar, Gzip, Bzip2, DMG,  and ISO files. This application is owned by a company known as Rar Genie which does not say much because there is no reliable information about it anywhere on the web. It seems that this company exists nowhere but in name. Our malware analysts have found that this program actually belongs to a company called Somoto Ltd. This same company is responsible for releasing browser hijackers such as Search.feelbegin.com and Search.inkeepr.com. Hence, this company is a real malware developer, and all its products are inherently unreliable.

What does Rargenie Adware do?

Our cyber security experts say that there have been many complaints about RarGenie as it seems that it is responsible for pop-up ads randomly opening while an unsuspecting user is browsing the web. Our researchers say that Rargenie Adware has been configured to promote and offer third-party software. This third-party software is legitimate, mind you, but there is another problem.

Our researchers say that Rargenie Adware was set to change your browser’s homepage address to Search.genieo.com (Genieo Search,) a known browser hijacker is purposefully distributed in a malicious manner to force users to use it to search the web. This hijacker first appeared in 2013 but is still alive, and its creators are still actively promoting it. Since Rargenie Adware has a known link to Search.genieo.com, many anti-malware applications detect it as malware, and with good reason because it is an adware-type application. This fact is made evident by this program’s license agreement which states that “we occasionally provide third party content or link to third party websites on the Services. We do not necessarily endorse or evaluate third party content and websites, and we do not assume responsibility for third parties’ actions or omissions.” Since they do not evaluate the promoted content, it is possible that some malicious content can slip through and compromise your personal privacy or your computer’s security.

How do I remove Rargenie Adware?

Therefore, we believe that it is necessary to remove this application because of its ad-supported features and the fact that it can change your browser’s homepage. Its ads can be misleading as they are not supervised by anyone. Furthermore, that browser hijacker set to become your homepage might also feature malicious ads in its search results. Hence, using that search engine is a potential security risk. Therefore, you ought to remove it from your Mac.

Removal Guide

  1. From the menu bar, select Go.
  2. Click Applications.
  3. Hold down Control and click RarGenie.
  4. Click Move to Trash.
  5. Done. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Rargenie Adware*

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