Ransomuserlocker Ransomware

What is Ransomuserlocker Ransomware?

If a black window with red letters has been opened on your screen, and it is no longer possible to open a bunch of files, Ransomuserlocker Ransomware must have entered your system. It is one of those nasty infections that encrypt files on users’ computers right away after infiltrating them. It is not a prevalent infection, but it might still enter your system one day without your knowledge. Even though this malicious application is one of those threats that arrive on users’ computers without permission, it does not stay unnoticed for a long time because users’ usually soon discover that their important files and pictures have been locked. The first thing you should do after discovering Ransomuserlocker Ransomware active on your system is to fully remove the ransomware infection from the system. This Korean infection does not create any entries in the Run registry key like some other file-encrypting threats, so it cannot start working automatically on users’ computers; however, you might launch it yourself accidentally and, after doing this, discover more files locked, not to mention that the black window with a ransom note in Korean will be opened on your screen once again. Luckily, this window is not opened in full-screen, so you could still access system utilities and erase the ransomware infection from the system. Continue reading to find out what you need to do to delete this infection manually from your computer.testtest

What does Ransomuserlocker Ransomware do?

According to our specialists, it is very likely that Ransomuserlocker Ransomware targets a specific group of people primarily – those users who speak Korean. It is because the ransomware infection opens a window with a ransom note in this language after encrypting users’ personal files. Our researchers say that this infection should affect all popular formats of documents and pictures. When all these files are encrypted, you will also find a black window with a ransom note in red on your Desktop. Luckily, it does not lock the screen. This message tells users that they need to purchase 1 BTC and send it to cyber criminals behind the ransomware infection if they want to get their files back. Then, they need to send a personal ID to owerhacker@hotmail.com after making a payment. Users expect a decryption tool to be sent to them via email soon after they transfer the required money, but, to tell you the truth, there are no guarantees that cyber criminals will send it to them even if they receive the ransom. We can assure you that you will not get your money back either in case you do not receive the decryptor from crooks. Ransomware infections are one of the most harmful threats because they usually encrypt the most valuable files on users’ computers and, unfortunately, it is usually impossible to decrypt those affected files for free. Purchasing decryption software from cyber criminals is not what we recommend for users either.

Where does Ransomuserlocker Ransomware come from?

We cannot tell you much about the distribution of Ransomuserlocker Ransomware because it is not a popular infection. The only thing you should know is that this threat arrives on users’ computers illegally. In most cases, even though users usually do not know anything about the successful entrance of the ransomware infection, they often allow those threats to enter their systems themselves. For example, they often allow them to enter their computers by opening malicious attachments from spam emails. Users might download malicious applications from dubious websites too because they might pretend to be beneficial software. Cyber criminals might adopt other tactics to promote their creations too, so you might discover new untrustworthy software on your computer one day again if you do not do anything to ensure your system’s maximum protection today.

How to remove Ransomuserlocker Ransomware

If you have proof that Ransomuserlocker Ransomware has entered your computer and locked all your files, delete this infection from your system mercilessly. It does not drop any additional files, and it works right from the place it has been launched, so it should not be very difficult to get rid of this threat. You just need to delete all recently downloaded files to remove the launcher of the ransomware infection, specialists say. If you cannot find the malicious file anywhere, use an automated antimalware scanner to make infections gone from your system.

Delete Ransomuserlocker Ransomware

  1. Press Win+E.
  2. Access %USERPROFILE%\Desktop, %USERPROFILE%\Downloads, and %TEMP% directories (type the directory in the URL bar and press Enter on your keyboard).
  3. Locate suspicious recently downloaded files and remove them all.
  4. Empty Trash. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Ransomuserlocker Ransomware*

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