What is is a suspicious website, which offers questionable services. During the investigation, malware researchers at have noticed that developers of this site look to make quick profits from naive Internet users. In fact, our reports show that quite a few users are tricked into signing up for this devious service. That is so because developers of this website use misleading marketing tactics. If that was not enough, you should know that the questionable web page could be filled with annoying and otherwise suspicious ads, pop-ups, and coupons. Thus, it should not be surprising that we urge you to refrain from this web page and the services it alleges to provide. In our report, we provide extensive information about and its questionable policies gathered by our research team. Furthermore, you will find a few simple, yet incredibly effective, virtual security tips, which will help you maintain a clean and safe operating system at all times.

What does do?

First, it is critical to note that is advertised as a great streaming platform, which should provide access to more than 900 national and international channels with the best music. It sure sounds like a great way to enjoy music right within your web browser. However, you must know that it is a subscription-based service, which charges you $49.99 a month. Compared to other similar platforms, the one in question is quite pricey, to put it lightly. Furthermore, you must know that the cancellation policy is suspicious, to put it mildly. During the investigation, it has been discovered that any user that wants to cancel their subscription to needs to notify its developers 15 days before the billing date; otherwise, you will continue to pay for services that you do not want. That is a sneaky manner, which cyber crooks use to make quick profits from naive Internet users. In fact, some user's might not be aware that their credit card continues to be charged since there are no notifications coming from developers of this services. It is also important to note that you could encounter undesirable third-party ads, pop-ups, and coupons while using the suspicious websites. What is concerning about it is the fact that some ads and pop-ups could host redirect links that might lead you to dubious and even dangerous web pages. It should be self-evident that you must refrain from and all the services that it provides. If unfortunately, you are already a subscriber, you must cancel it without any hesitation.

How to improve your virtual security

If you are a user, who wants to have a secure and clean operating system at all times, you must take precautionary measures to improve your virtual security. It is critical to understand that practicing safe browsing habits at all times will significantly help you refrain from encountering dubious installers. Thus, we highly advise you to avoid all unauthorized download sites because they tend to host software bundles, which malware developers often use for distribution purposes. Also, we urge users to always find out as much as they can about any program or service. Doing so is critical because cyber crooks notoriously use misleading and otherwise hoax advertising techniques to trick unsuspecting Internet users. Furthermore, be sure to read everything during any setup procedure because you could come across an opportunity to cancel the setup of some unwanted program. In addition to practicing such safe browsing habits, we recommend installing a reliable antimalware tool because it provides overall system security; it can identify and remove any invasive application before it starts doing its dirty work.

What to do if you have subscribed to

It goes without saying, that you must cancel the subscription. Be sure to pay your full attention during the cancellation procedure. It is critical to remember that you must notify the developers of this suspicious service 15 days before your billing date about your decision. Once you are done, we highly advise you to check your bank statements just to be sure that you are no longer charged $49.99. Also, we recommend scanning your operating system with a professional antimalware tool since it can identify and remove any tracking cookies or similar data associated with automatically. 100% FREE spyware scan and
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