What is Qvod?

Qvod is a program which is basically published for those computer users who live in China because its entire interface is in Chinese and there are no possibilities to choose another language. Qvod is not the program which you want to keep onto your computer because it does not anything beneficial. Instead, once it gets onto your computer, it is going to change your default homepage and your preferred search engine. You will not be able to change them back unless you remove Qvod from your computer. This browser hijacker might cause harm to your computer, even though it might seem as a decent tool. You should know that you will not be able to get rid of it easily as it is compatible with all the major browsers, which is why we recommend using a reliable antimalware tool.

How does Qvod work?

Our researchers have found that Qvod acts rather aggressively because it not only hijacks your search engine and your homepage, but also installs kuaiwan and QMovie without your permission. Besides, it is going to modify win.ini file of your system which is responsible for windows initialization. What is more, you are going to see various advertisements, which might not only interfere with your browsing activities, but also expose you to malicious software. If you want to keep your computer safe, do not click on those ads even though they are really eye-catching and might look entirely inoffensive. If you click on any of them, you will be definitely redirected to other websites which might be full of malicious software.

If you install Qvod onto your computer, you will also end up with 360 Safeguard, Baidu toolbar and a dozen of other unwanted programs. Besides, it is very probable that if you remove them, they will recover. Furthermore, Qvod itself can come bundled with other Chinese malware, which is why you should always be very careful when installing new programs. You can avoid a wide range of additional applications by selecting advanced installation and then unchecking all the programs which are unfamiliar. Besides, you should not download software from unreliable sources because they are commonly distributed with a bunch of additional applications. Furthermore, it is very probable that Qvod is collecting information related to your browsing habits as well, for instance, your overall browsing history, the content that you access on the internet as well as the search queries that you enter into your search box. Such data is usually gathered in order to provide you with more relevant content.

How to remove Qvod?

If you have understood that you do not want to keep this useless program onto your computer, you should remove it from your system. We definitely recommend doing that because you will not be able to avoid various annoying activities in any other way. As it is basically impossible to remove Qvod manually because other unwanted programs related to it tend to recover, we recommend acquiring the newest edition of the SpyHunter antimalware tool and scanning your computer with it. It will remove Qvod without any difficulties and keep your computer protected 24/7.

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