Quick Search Tool

What is Quick Search Tool?

Does Quick Search Tool sound like a beneficial tool? Even if it does, you should research it further to see if it can serve you in a beneficial and reliable manner. Perhaps that is what you are trying to do by reading this report. Our research team at Anti-Spyware-101.com has thoroughly inspected this Google Chrome-compatible extension, and if you want to learn what we have found, you should continue reading. To put it in short, the extension is classified as a PUP (potentially unwanted program), and our experts advise deleting it from the browser. The extension is not complex, and you can delete it manually or with the help of software built for the task. Users often choose the latter option if they discover other PUPs or threats. Some people might be able to identify threats themselves, but we advise installing a malware scanner and performing a quick system scan instead. Hopefully, additional threats are not found, but do not panic if they are.

How does Quick Search Tool work?

Quick Search Tool is part of the Eightpoint Technologies Ltd. family, and this company has previously been linked to Templates Discovery Tab, Access TV Streaming, Access Online Forms, and various other extensions. Most of them are compatible with Google Chrome and are also identified as PUPs. Another thing they have in common is that they usually have dedicated websites and installers on the Chrome Web Store. Quick Search Tool is introduced via quicksearchtool.com and chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/quick-search-tool/jlpenjcbjaocajkajjklmfomhohiodfa. When you install the PUP, you are informed that its main function is to provide you with “yahoo searches from your browser search bar.” You are also informed that the PUP can read browsing history and change search settings. This is where most people are likely to stop and think if the tool is truly beneficial. Although over 400,000 users have downloaded the suspicious extension from the Chrome Web Store, it only has negative reviews, and it does not seem like it offers anything useful. If you wanted to use Yahoo Search, you could just set search.yahoo.com as your default search provider.

Whether you installed Quick Search Tool willingly or by accident, this PUP is supposed to change the default search provider of your browser, and search.quicksearchtool.com is the replacement. Since it is set as the search provider, you are not introduced to a search engine per se, but when you enter keywords into the address bar at the top of the browser, you are automatically redirected via search.quicksearchtool.com. You land on a Yahoo Search results page, and the results you see are likely to be modified. The Privacy Policy that all Eightpoint Technologies Ltd. apps follow informs that both personal and non-personal information can be recorded, that information can be shared with unknown parties, and that ads served by “advertisers and advertising networks” can be placed through the supported service (i.e., web search). So, it seems that Quick Search Tool was built to aid in advertising, and we are sure that you did not install it with the hope that you would be exposed to ads. Overall, it is evident that this extension is not useful or even that reliable, and that is why our research team advises deleting it.

How to remove Quick Search Tool

When you installed Quick Search Tool, you might have expected beneficial services. But this potentially unwanted program cannot provide anything that would be considered beneficial. On top of that, we have learned that it tracks users’ activity, shares information with advertisers, and also places their ads into the search results page. By the way, it redirects to Yahoo Search, which might automatically make you less careful about the modified results. Chrome users have the option to delete Quick Search Tool manually, and we have created a guide that should make that possible for you. Alternatively, you can implement a tool that was built to catch and remove PUPs automatically. A trusted anti-malware tool can do more than that. It also can secure your operating system to prevent new infections from slithering in. While this PUP might not be a serious infection, keep in mind that the web is crawling with far worse threats.

Removal Instructions

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser.
  2. Simultaneously tap ALT and F on the keyboard.
  3. Click More tools, then Extensions.
  4. Remove undesirable extensions.
  5. Simultaneously tap CTRL, SHIFT, and DELETE on the keyboard.
  6. Pick time range and boxes (in Advanced).
  7. Click the Clear data button. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Quick Search Tool*

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