Quick Clear Cache

What is Quick Clear Cache?

Google Chrome users can download Quick Clear Cache for free from the Chrome Web Store. Its installer exists at chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/quick-clear-cache/badahmnhfpinlghdjjlpedolagbfefoe. However, just because something is available to you, that does not mean that it is helpful or reliable. Our Anti-Spyware-101.com researchers have analyzed the extension, and the conclusion is that it is neither useful nor reliable. Therefore, it is classified as a potentially unwanted program. Note that we use the abbreviation ‘PUP’ throughout this report. It is important to note that PUPs are not always incredibly malicious, and not all security tools identify them as threats either. That said, if you continue reading this report, you will understand the reasons why our team suggests deleting Quick Clear Cache. If you do not agree with our fact-based opinions, or you want to discuss certain things further before you decide whether or not to remove the extension, note that you can use the comments section below to contact us.test

How does Quick Clear Cache work?

If you did not download Quick Clear Cache from the dedicated Chrome Web Store page, perhaps you installed it from clear-browsing.com? When we analyzed the PUP, this website did not work, and it presented a “Clear Browsing Coming Soon” message instead. We do not know if the website worked at some point in the past, or if its installer is still being developed, but it is clear that Chrome users are already downloading the PUP. Did you use a third-party installer to acquire Quick Clear Cache? If that is the case, is it possible that you acquired other pieces of software along with it? Use a trusted malware scanner right away, and it will let you know if there is anything else that you need to remove from your browser or even your operating system. Hopefully, the PUP is the only thing you need to worry about. So, why do you need to worry about it? Based on our research, this extension tracks browsing history, modifies the default search provider, and redirects users to Bing Search, where modified search results are shown.

Additionally, it is evident that Quick Clear Cache is not a useful extension. If you think that you need it to clear your browser from cache, browsing history, and other things, let us inform you that you do not need to install anything to clear browsing-related data. You already have the “Clear browsing data” tool integrated within your Google Chrome browser, and you can use it to clear that kind of data. So, how do you access this tool? There are three easy options. One, you can click the Chrome menu icon at the top right corner of the browser, select ‘More tools,’ and then click ‘Clear browsing data.’ Two, you can enter ‘chrome://settings/clearBrowserData’ into the address bar. Three, you can tap Ctrl, Shift and Delete keys on the keyboard all at the same time to access the menu. Here, you can clear anything that you want, including cache, download history, or autofill data.

How to delete Quick Clear Cache

So, you do not really need to use Quick Clear Cache to clear browsing data. In fact, it is not even clear how this tool works. We know, however, that it offers more than its main service. It appears that it also can track your browsing activity and change the search provider to redirect to a search engine, where modified results are shown. Given that the tool does not even offer a useful service, you should not put up with anything else. You can remove Quick Clear Cache manually if you want to, and the guide below can be used to clear browsing data too. We definitely recommend doing that to ensure that there is no PUP-related data left behind. As mentioned earlier, if other threats are active, a malware scanner can help you identify them. So, what happens if other threats are discovered? While some users might be able to delete them all manually, we strongly recommend using the help of legitimate anti-malware software.

Removal Guide

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Click the Chrome menu icon in the top-right corner of the browser.
  3. Expand the More tools menu.
  4. Select Extensions.
  5. Locate the extension you want to get rid of and click Remove.
  6. Repeat steps 2 and 3 and then select Clear browsing data.
  7. Click Advanced (instead of Basic).
  8. Pick a time range and boxes you want and then click Clear data. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Quick Clear Cache*


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