Purple Fox

What is Purple Fox?

Purple Fox is a Trojan downloader that might enter target system through common software vulnerabilities. This infection is a particularly sneaky one because the Trojan downloader itself is fileless. It virtually means that you cannot remove Purple Fox from your system as it doesn’t drop any additional files. It can, however, drop other malicious infections on your system, so you will do yourself a favor if you run a full system scan with a licensed antispyware tool right now. After all, Trojans infections are hard to spot unless you are a computer expert, so regular system scans are a must.

Where does Purple Fox come from?

Purple Fox has been out there for a while now, but this Trojan downloader is constantly being updated. Potential victims need to understand that this infection doesn’t work in a vacuum. So, there are exploit kits that distribute this downloader, and the downloader itself could be employed by other malicious infections to spread them around.

The newest version of Purple Fox is said to be distributed by the RIG exploit kit. The RIG exploit kit is a malicious infection by itself, and it reaches its victims through random advertisements that are inserted into legitimate websites. To put it simply, if you click a random flash advertisement that has been compromised by the exploit kit, you might also get infected with Purple Fox, too.

Of course, to get infected with this Trojan downloader, your system still needs to have certain vulnerabilities. The common vulnerabilities that can be exploited by Purple Fox include vulnerabilities found in the Flash Player version and older, the CVE 2018-8174 VBScript vulnerability that can affect multiple versions of Windows, and certain other vulnerabilities related to operating systems. So, if your software still contains these vulnerabilities and if you accidentally interact with compromised content, you could get infected with Purple Fox, and then some other malware.

What does Purple Fox do?

As mentioned, Purple Fox is a Trojan downloader. So, rather than being the main infection itself, it opens the doors to your system for other dangerous infections. Depending on who uses this infection, the main payload can be different, but the latest research suggests that Purple Fox is used to attack users with cryptominer Trojans and other malware.

If you get infected with a cryptomining Trojan, you can expect your system to experience a considerable slow-down. It means that the Trojan will hog your system resources, and you will not be able to run most of the programs as swiftly as you used to. In fact, sluggish system performance might be the best sign that something is wrong with your computer.

In the worst-case scenario, Purple Fox might also infect you with ransomware, and if that happens, you could end up losing your files. So, what can be done to protect your system and your data from such dangerous intruders?

If you run a computer system (that is to say, if you have a business), you might want to consider investing in a vulnerability management solution. However, for the most part, keeping your software and your operating system up-to-date is virtually the best way to avoid infections that exploit system vulnerabilities.

Also, it clearly shows that users should refrain from employing pirated versions of software because those versions are more likely to be vulnerable to malware infections. After all, licensed software will always receive patches and updates from the official vendor (as long as the device is connected to the Internet), while pirated versions will not be fixed. Hence, if you can afford a licensed version of the program, you should most definitely purchase it.

How do I remove Purple Fox?

As mentioned, this infection is fileless. It means that it doesn’t leave any visible trace in your system aside from the malware that it drops on your computer. Therefore, rather than removing Purple Fox, you should remove the infection it installed on your computer. To locate the infection, please run a full system scan with the SpyHunter free scanner. It is also very likely that you will find more unwanted and even dangerous programs on-board. Also, please refrain from interacting with unfamiliar content on various websites because that could be a straight way to a dangerous infection. 100% FREE spyware scan and
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