PUP.Speedy SystemCare

What is PUP.Speedy SystemCare?

If you are hoping to increase the speed and efficiency of your operating system using Speedy SystemCare, we have bad news for you: This potentially unwanted program cannot help you that well. According to Anti-Spyware-101.com research team, the infection could remove temporary files, as well as registries that are not important to the system. Would that increase the speed? It is highly unlikely that it would. The PUP is only advertised as an amazing tool so that its creator could push more users into paying for its services. Although anyone can install the application for free, its alleged services cost €23.95. That is not a lot, but it is 23.95 too much for what is offered. Whether or not you have invested in the tool already, we strongly recommend deleting Speedy SystemCare from your operating system, and if you do not understand why that is so, you should continue reading the report. If you are ready to eliminate the PUP from your operating system, move to the last paragraph of the report and choose your preferred method.testtesttest

How does Speedy SystemCare work?

Speedy SystemCare is very similar to Power Speedup 2018, Power Cleaner 2018, Win Speedup 2018, and many other potentially unwanted programs alike. They all promise great services, they all ask users to pay money, and they all underperform in the end. In most cases, such system optimizers represent themselves using official websites. Speedy SystemCare used to be offered at winsyscareutils.net, but the website was down at the time of research. Unfortunately, third-party installers are always at the disposal of software creators and distributors. Legitimate companies with reputable tools do not use third-party installers because they can bundle multiple different programs together. Unreliable parties can really benefit from this method of distribution because they can conceal less desirable and attractive programs behind those that users want to install. Note that these “desirable” programs could be fake or their representation could be exaggerated, and so you need to be cautious. If you have installed other files or programs along with the PUP, scan your system immediately, and you will know if you need to remove threats.

After installation, Speedy SystemCare starts a scan automatically. According to our research, the program finds many registry problems that are considered to be insignificant. Whether the “Improvement Potential” scale suggest “Low” or “High” potential, you should pay no attention to that. You also should be mindful about the “Attention!” warning in red. It might create an illusion that you are dealing with critical threats, but the truth is that you might be dealing with no real threats at all. First of all, why would you rely on a system optimizer to find actual security threats? You need an anti-malware tool for that. This is a clear indicator that you should better remove Speedy SystemCare. Of course, you should not ignore the possibility that you could be at risk. If you want to check if you need to delete any real threats, we suggest installing a real malware scanner right now. If you are warned about anything malicious, do not ignore it. The quicker you remove it, the safer you will be in the long run.

How to delete Speedy SystemCare

Is your Windows operating system running slower than usual? It might be time to clear some space, which you can do, for example, by transferring files to external backups. Another thing you should do is scan the system to check if maybe you need to delete miners, Trojans, or other kind of malware that might be causing issues. Speedy SystemCare promises to speed up your system, but, in reality, it cannot really do it. Even if you invest in the tool, and the found “items” are deleted, your system is unlikely to run faster. If you are having problems with speed, you need to find the problem first. As for the PUP, we advise getting rid of it. You could remove Speedy SystemCare using the instructions shown below, but you might want to use this opportunity to install anti-malware software. It will automatically clean the system and make it more secure. Note that we suggest getting rid of the PUP even if you have invested in it already.

Removal Guide

  1. Launch RUN by tapping Win+R.
  2. Enter control panel into the dialog to open the menu.
  3. Navigate to the Uninstall a program menu to find uninstallers.
  4. Uninstall the program that goes by the name Speedy~SystemCare. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of PUP.Speedy SystemCare*

Stop these PUP.Speedy SystemCare Processes:


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