Pulpy Ransomware

What is Pulpy Ransomware?

Pulpy Ransomware is a malicious infection that enters your computer, and it wants nothing but your money. Users should never pay anything to this infection because then they would encourage the people behind it to continue their malicious practice. It can be quite discouraging to deal with this intruder because it can block file and program access. However, it is necessary to remove Pulpy Ransomware as soon as possible, so you could go back to using your computer as you are used to. You can terminate this infection with a licensed security tool, but do not hesitate to ask for assistance if necessary.test

Where does Pulpy Ransomware come from?

We do not know who created this infection. Pulpy Ransomware is not a terribly prevalent ransomware program, and it is often to pinpoint the origins of smaller infections. Nevertheless, our research team suggests that you should be careful when you open email attachments because the most common ransomware distribution method is spam.

Spam email messages carry attachments or outgoing links. Attached files often look like document files you have to open and check the information within. For instance, it might say that it carries an important invoice from some online store, and if you often purchase things online, you might feel inclined to open it without any second thought. However, please note that online stores and other reputable companies realize the dangers behind file attachments, and usually the invoice gets embedded within the email itself. Hence, when it comes in a file attachment, it is rather fishy.

Fine, you might say, but what if it really looks like the file you have been looking for? Even in such a case, there is a solution. You can download the file and scan it with a security program before opening it. If the file is safe, the program will not detect anything malicious.

Therefore, to prevent Pulpy Ransomware and other dangerous ransomware programs from entering your computer, you should pay attention to what you download and what files you open. Albeit, for the most part, it looks like a default process, there could be many dangerous and suspicious installer files or document files out there, waiting for you to trip over your negligence. It is always a lot better to avoid the problem than fight it because fighting it requires a lot more time and resources. Not to mention that ransomware programs often inflict irreversible damage.

What does Pulpy Ransomware do?

Now, that we have mentioned the damage, perhaps we should take a closer look at what this application actually does. During our research, we have found that after the encryption, the affected files get a new extension. For instance, if you had a file cat.jpg on your computer, then after the encryption, the filename will look like cat.jpg.aes. This way, it is very easy to distinguish the encrypted files. And it is clear that you can no longer open the encrypted files because they extensions change and the system cannot read them.

Once the encryption is complete, drops the ransom note and deletes itself. The ransom note can be found on your Desktop and in every affected folder. The note appears as a text file under filename Instruction.txt. The message in the note reads as follows:

Hi, all your files have been encrypted. You can decipher if you write to me on the mail:pulpy2@cock.li Otherwise, all your files will be deleted within 2 days without any problems!

As you can see, no ransom amount is given, and it is very likely that the criminals may ask different users to pay different sums of money. This cannot lead to anything good, so you should refrain from paying the ransom. Not to mention that computer security experts always emphasize how risky it is to transfer money to these criminals. They might simply take the payment and disappear, without a single intention to provide you with the decryption key.

How do I remove Pulpy Ransomware?

Since the program deletes itself upon completing the encryption, you will only need to remove the file that initiated the encryption. However, there is no public decryption tool for Pulpy Ransomware out there, so you will have to restore your files from any kind of backup that you have. Perhaps you have copies saved in an external hard drive? Perhaps you have a lot of files on your mobile device? Whichever it might be, you will be surprised to find that you still have a lot of options left, so please explore them all!

Manual Pulpy Ransomware Removal

  1. Go to your Downloads folder.
  2. Remove the most recently downloaded files.
  3. Open your Desktop.
  4. Remove the Instruction.txt file.
  5. Run a full system scan with a security tool. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Pulpy Ransomware*

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