What is PublicHotsp?

In this report, we would like to talk about a potentially unwanted program known as PublicHotsp. The research shows it could be bundled with adware, which means installing it might result in allowing unreliable tools supported by advertising to enter the system. As a consequence, the user could be introduced to doubtful advertisements from various third parties. Therefore, if you see such content, it is advisable to check your system and erase possible threats. Also, until you find the advertisements source, it would be smart try not to interact with any ads since the chances are they might be possibly malicious. In fact, we do not think it would be wise to leave PublicHotsp unattended as well, and if you choose to eliminate it, we encourage you to check the instructions added at the end of the text.testtest

Where does PublicHotsp come from?

To our knowledge, PublicHotsp could be traveling with bundled installation files available through doubtful file-sharing websites. Clearly, users may avoid such potentially unwanted programs in the future if they try to learn more information about the software they want to install and invest more time in finding a reliable site to download it. Besides being more precautious, our researchers advise keeping a legitimate antimalware tool that could help you identify possible threats or even malicious applications and if there is a need to guard the system against them. In addition, the removal tool might be used in cases when the user downloads installers or other files from untrustworthy sources as then he could scan the mentioned data to make sure it will not harm the computer once executed.

How does PublicHotsp work?

If the user launches PublicHotsp, he should receive a window allowing to pick “Network to share,” create a “Hotspot Name” and a password. Thus, from the first look, it seems like the tool works just like the application designed for creating Wi-Fi hotspots should. There is something else our researchers at report about the potentially unwanted program. Apparently, the software could be bundled with adware, which means by installing it the user might also add unreliable applications that may introduce him to possibly malicious advertisements from unknown third parties. So far we did not notice anything else suspicious about this potentially unwanted program, but we do not think it would be wise till something goes wrong. What we mean is if you would rather keep your device clean and secure, it might be a good idea to consider PublicHotsp’s removal. What’s more, users who noticed any suspicious advertising content on their device are advised to check the system and see if there could be adware on it.

How to remove PublicHotsp?

Luckily, the potentially unwanted program can be erased quite easily. For instance, if the user feels up to the task he can locate the data belonging to it and remove it manually. To make this task even easier, we have added step by step instructions at the end of this paragraph. On the other hand, if you fear there could be other doubtful applications besides PublicHotsp on your device it might be faster to clean it by employing a legitimate antimalware tool since with its scanning tool you could detect possible threats and then delete them all with a single mouse click.

Eliminate PublicHotsp

  1. Click Windows key+E.
  2. Find the given locations:
  3. Search for folders titled publicHotsp.
  4. Right-click the mentioned directories and tap Delete.
  5. Leave File Explorer.
  6. Tap Windows key+R.
  7. Insert Regedit and click OK.
  8. Find the provided directory: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall
  9. Search for a key titled ShutdownTime_is1.
  10. Right-click the mentioned key and choose Delete.
  11. Exit Registry Editor.
  12. Empty your Recycle Bin. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of PublicHotsp*

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