Pubg Ransomware

What is Pubg Ransomware?

Pubg Ransomware is a program that you do not want to find up and running on your operating system. That is so because it happens to act in an extremely malicious manner. Thus, if you ever cross path with this invasive piece of software, be sure to do everything in your power to avoid it. If you are not familiar with ransomware application, you must know that they are defined by their ability to lock vast amounts of data without any notification or authorization. As you can imagine, having a program of this classification up and running on your PC can have disastrous outcomes, to put it lightly. In our report, we present further information regarding this devious program's inner workings. To help you maintain a clean and safe operating at all times, we also include a few simple, yet effective, virtual security tips. Below, you will find a comprehensive removal guide, which you should use to delete Pubg Ransomware without encountering any major problems.test

What does Pubg Ransomware do?

After an extensive analysis, malware experts at have noticed that Pubg Ransomware functions does not differ all that much from other ransomware program in its functionality. Just like its counterparts it starts doing its dirty work at the very same instance that it enters your operating system. First, it identifies the contents of your hard drive to determine the data that it will lock. The next step in the chain of action is the encryption procedure, which is silent and quick. Due to such nature of functionality, most users are not aware that this malware might be up and running on their operating system. However, our researchers have noticed something off about this ransomware; as it turns out, it only encrypts data stored on your Desktop and its sub-folders. It is also essential to highlight the fact that as soon as your data is locked, this malware will issue a ransom note, which asks not for a payment in return for decryption services but to play a popular online game known as PUBG for at least one hour. Due to such questionable functionality, our researchers believe that this malware might still be under development. The good news is that, at the moment, you can easily decrypt your data even without playing the game. Once you do so, you must remove Pubg Ransomware without any hesitation. Do that by following the detailed instructions that you can find below.

How to improve your virtual security

If you are a security-conscious user, who wants to have a clean and secure operating system at all times, you must take precautionary measures. First, we urge users to make scheduled backups of their hard drive. Doing so is vital because you could use them to restore your files if your operating system is ever infected with a ransomware program. To reduce the risk of infecting your computer, you need to practice safe browsing habits at all times. We urge you to refrain from email attachments that come your way from unknown sources because that could prove to be a spam email campaign used to distribute their malicious programs on a large scale. Likewise, you should avoid all unauthorized download sites since they tend to host bundled installers, which are infamous for being filled with questionable and even harmful applications. Furthermore, you must know that cyber crooks use misleading and otherwise manipulative marketing tactics to trick users into downloading and installing their devious programs. Thus, we recommend learning as much as possible about any application that you want to have active on your computer. Last, but not least, make sure to install a reliable antimalware tool since it provides overall system security; it can identify and remove any virtual security threat automatically.

How to remove Pubg Ransomware

First, follow the instructions to decrypt the affected data. Once you are done, execute the removal guide to delete Pubg Ransomware once and for all. It is vital to terminate everything associated with this malware to stop its devious functionality altogether. Also, you should know that if you fail to remove it completely, traces of this ransomware could act deviously. For example, just a few of its traces might be enough for it to continue working. In other instances, those same leftovers might be used to restore Pubg Ransomware silently. If you find analysis of your PC a bit too complicated be sure to scan your operating system with a professional antimalware tool since it can detect and delete anything associated with this malware automatically.

How to decrypt your data

  1. Select any clean .exe file on your computer.
  2. Rename the files into TslGame.exe.
  3. Run this file. Your data will be decrypted in a few minues.

How to remove Pubg Ransomware

  1. Open your File Explorer.
  2. Go to C:\Users\[your username]\Downloads.
  3. Right-click the malicious .exe file and then select Delete. Note that the name of this file is random.
  4. Close your File Explorer.
  5. Right-click your Recycle Bin and select Empty Recycle Bin. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Pubg Ransomware*

Stop these Pubg Ransomware Processes:

PUBG Ransom.exe

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