What is ProtectSoldier?

ProtectSoldier (or Protect Soldier) is the latest in rogue anti-spyware programs. ProtectSoldier makes use of a variety of methods to coerce and trick computer users into purchasing the "Full" version of ProtectSoldier. ProtectSoldier tends to be downloaded and installed manually, rather than via Trojan infection (which are true for most other malware applications). Once ProtectSoldier is installed on the computer it will allow for the user to scan the infected computer, without displaying any annoying and aggravating pop-up messages. However, during the scanning process Protect Soldier tends to generate false positives.
The next step in the process of this rogue application is to insist that the only way to rid the system of the supposed infections is to – yes you guessed it, purchase the full version of this nefarious application, ProtectSoldier. Do not trust or purchase Protect Soldier, it is only capable of generating false positives. Remove ProtectSoldier from your computer system as soon as possible.

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