Princess Locker Ransomware

What is Princess Locker Ransomware?

You are at risk of inviting Princess Locker Ransomware into your operating system if you are not careful how you act. According to malware experts at, even opening a harmless-looking file could unleash this infection. For example, the executable of the ransomware could be attached to a spam email, and you might be tricked into opening this file because of the information provided along with it. The worst part is that it is unlikely you will realize that a dangerous infection has been executed once you open the file because it is very clandestine. In fact, most users realize that they have become victims of this devious threat only after they discover the ransom notes that are likely to be placed on the Desktop, as well as the folders containing the corrupted files. Obviously, you need to delete Princess Locker Ransomware from your operating system, but not before you learn more about it and figure out what to do about your files. Continue reading if you want to learn more about the threat and its removal.

How does Princess Locker Ransomware work?

Princess Locker Ransomware is very similar to other ransomware infections, such as Cerber Ransomware, Exotic Ransomware, and APT Ransomware. Once executed, this malware encrypts your personal data only so that a ransom could be demanded and that you would pay it. In the case of the ransomware we are discussing in this report, we see the files named !_HOW_TO_RESTORE_[unique extension].TXT and !_HOW_TO_RESTORE_[unique extension].html scattered across the PC. Both of these files provide users with information on what they need to do next, and, according to our research, the main purpose is to convince you to pay the ransom of 3 Bitcoins. Do you know how much that is? If you are converting to US Dollars, that is around 1890 USD. If that was not enough, you are threatened that the fee will go up to 6 Bitcoins, or 3780 USD, if you did not act in time. Obviously, the fees requested for the decryption key are excruciatingly big. If you do not have that kind of money just lying around, it is unlikely that you will jump to paying the ransom, and that is the right move because you do not want to act carelessly.

It does not matter whether or not you have the money necessary for the ransom fee. The thing is that cyber criminals cannot be held responsible for not providing you with the decryption tool, and that means that they are not obligated to provide you with it at all. Would you say that taking the money and not producing a decryption key is out of character for cyber criminals? Of course, it is not, as cyber criminals are known to be devious and knavish. You know what the worst part is? If you do not get the decryptor after paying the ransom, you will not be able to do anything about it. You can be sure that you will not get your money back. Unfortunately, legitimate file decryptors are not yet capable of deciphering the encryption algorithm used by this ransomware either, and it is unlikely that they will be.

How to delete Princess Locker Ransomware

If the malicious Princess Locker Ransomware has entered your PC and encrypted your personal files, you might have to accept their loss. Paying the ransom – even if you have that kind of money – is exceptionally risky, and there is a possibility that you will lose it for nothing. What we hope is that you have your files backed up, and you can remove Princess Locker Ransomware without any postponement. We suggest using automated malware removal software, or at least thinking about it, because the ransomware is very clandestine, and you might have problems erasing it yourself. Also, do not dismiss the possibility that other threats are active on your PC. If they are, the automated remover will eliminate them at the same time. Even if you wish to clean your operating system manually, we advise that you install anti-malware software afterward to ensure reliable protection.

Removal Guide

  1. Identify the malicious launcher, right-click it, and select Delete.
  2. Delete the file named !_HOW_TO_RESTORE_[unique extension].html.
  3. Delete the file named !_HOW_TO_RESTORE_[unique extension].TXT.
  4. Erase the encrypted files if you are unable to restore them.
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