What is PP.exe?

PP.exe is an executable file that is related to the PC Privacy Defender family of rogue antispyware applications. It means that if you have this exact file running in your system, you also have a fake antivirus program installed on your computer, and you should be experiencing a number of annoying rogue infection symptoms. Since PC Privacy Defender wants to make it seem as though your PC has been infected with malware, it will try to sell its own “service” to you, although the program definitely cannot deliver. In order to remove PP.exe you definitely need to terminate PC Privacy Defender as a whole.

Where do PP.exe & PC Privacy Defender come from?

The rogue infection may be distributed by Trojans, rootkits, spam email, fake social networking messages, email attachments, or the installer file could be embedded in corrupted or hacked websites. In general, such rogues as PC Privacy Defender have a lot of distribution methods.

Once the rogue gets into your computer, it pops up into action immediately and launches a fake system scan. In fact, the presence of PP.exe and unins000.exe in the running processes list in your Task Manager is a straight giveaway that PC Privacy Defender is installed on your computer. So if the rogue’s interface is not enough, you can always open and check the Windows Task Manager.

What does PC Privacy Defender do?

Luckily, all rogues have the same behavioral pattern. Since the main objective of this infection is to steal your money, PC Privacy Defender launches into an elaborate scheme to convince you that your PC is seriously infected with malware, and the rogue itself is the only antivirus program out there that can help you solve this problem.

All the while PP.exe runs in the background, allowing PC Privacy Defender to function properly. If you follow the rogue’s instructions you will be redirected to the fake AV’s purchase page where you will be asked to fill out a form with your banking and credit card information. This is where all users should stop at once – if you give away your credit card information to an unknown third party, your bank account will be swept clean, and PC Privacy Defender will have attained its goal.

How to remove PP.exe?

It is possible to simply kill the PP.exe process via Task Manager and then delete the file manually, but removing this one file will not solve the entire problem. In order to make sure that your computer is absolutely safe and there are no other threats installed, you must delete PC Privacy Defender and ALL of its files from your system. Generally, computer users are recommended to remove PP.exe and related rogue antispyware applications automatically.

Automatic PC Privacy Defender Removal

Automatic removal is recommended if you are not a computer security expert. Also, it is the fastest and the most efficient way to terminate a malware infection. To delete PP.exe automatically, run a full system scan with SpyHunter free scanner. It will detect all the malicious files and programs currently installed on your computer. Then, invest in a reliable antimalware tool that will delete PP.exe and PC Privacy Defender from your computer automatically, at the same time safeguarding it against similar infections in the future. 100% FREE spyware scan and
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