Powered By Vidsqaure Ads

What is Powered By Vidsqaure Ads?

Powered By Vidsqaure Ads or simply Vidsqaure is advertised as a program that can help users “bypass Geo restrictions for websites you love!” According to its official website, this is why the software changes user’s DNS settings. However, while testing the application, our researchers at Anti-spyware-101.com realized that the mentioned settings are altered to inject web pages you visit with third-party ads. Thus, despite what the software’s description says the only thing you can expect from it is lots of irritating advertisements. Consequently, Powered By Vidsqaure Ads falls under the classification of adware. We should warn you that its displayed content might be potentially harmful too, so you should try to avoid interaction with these ads as much as possible or better yet delete the threat. If you are up for this task, take a look at the instructions placed slightly below the article.

Where does Powered By Vidsqaure Ads come from?

The adware has its official website (VidSqaure.com), but there is no download button on the site or link that would allow you to acquire the software. This is why our researchers think the program could be spread through bundled installers. It means you can receive it by downloading a setup file of an entirely unrelated application. Users who pay not much attention to the installation process might even overlook the suggestion of Powered By Vidsqaure Ads on the setup wizard and allow the adware settle in accidentally. For the future, we would advise you to stay away from bundled installers that could have suggestions of unreliable software. Often such setup files are distributed through untrustworthy file-sharing web pages, so you may want to use legitimate sources instead.

How does Powered By Vidsqaure Ads work?

As the threat’s EULA says “When accessing or using the Services, your computer's network settings will be changed so that all applications that access the internet will use our DNS settings.” Our researchers say these changes are made not to help the user access Geo-restricted websites, but to inject third-party ads into web pages he visits. Apparently, the program can show you pop-ups, sponsored links, banners, and other irritating advertisements. Such ads could even replace original advertising content on websites you enter.

Furthermore, it is important to mention that “Third Party Content are not supervised, endorsed, monitored or reviewed” by the adware’s creators. It is stated it in the EULA document, which we highly suggest reading if you have not reviewed it yet. The quoted statement means the injected advertisements could come from anywhere. Therefore, there is a chance some of the ads might be potentially harmful, e.g. they might redirect you to websites, which could try to steal your sensitive data, convince you to download unreliable programs or even malware. If you do not wish to face these risks every time you surf the Internet, we recommend deleting Powered By Vidsqaure Ads immediately.

How to eliminate Powered By Vidsqaure Ads?

The application can be uninstalled through Control Panel. To delete it completely you should get rid of software called Vidsqaure and GTFHAUGHTON. Also, since the adware changes your DNS settings, it is important to reset them as well. If you do not know how to complete these tasks, just slide below this text and follow the instructions. If it looks too complicated, users should download a legitimate antimalware tool. It would scan the whole system and locate all files belonging to Powered By Vidsqaure Ads. Then you could erase the adware and all other possible threats at the same time. If you choose this option, we would advise you to always keep the antimalware software updated so it could protect you from future threats.

Remove Powered By Vidsqaure Ads

Windows 8\Windows 10

  1. Press Windows Key+R.
  2. Insert Control Panel and click Enter.
  3. Select Uninstall a program.
  4. Look for applications called VidsqaurE and GTFHAUGHTON.
  5. Mark them separately and click Uninstall.

Windows Vista\Windows 7

  1. Access the Start menu.
  2. Launch Control Panel.
  3. Choose Uninstall a program.
  4. Search for software named as VidsqaurE and GTFHAUGHTON.
  5. Select the listed applications one by one and press Uninstall.

Windows XP

  1. Open the Start.
  2. Select Control Panel.
  3. Press Add or Remove Programs.
  4. Find VidsqaurE and GTFHAUGHTON.
  5. Mark these programs separately and select Uninstall.

Reset DNS settings

Windows 10

  1. Navigate to Start menu and right-click its icon.
  2. Select Command Prompt (Admin).
  3. Insert the following command ipconfig /flushdns and click Enter.

Windows 8\Windows 8.1

  1. Access the Windows 8 Start Screen.
  2. Insert cmd in the Windows Search bar (top-right corner).
  3. Find Command Prompt among the results and right-click it.
  4. Select Run as administrator, insert ipconfig /flushdns and press Enter.

Windows Vista\Windows 7

  1. Go to Start.
  2. Choose All Programs and select Accessories.
  3. Right-click the Command Prompt and pick Run as administrator.
  4. Type in ipconfig /flushdns and click Enter.

Windows XP

  1. Open the Start and select RUN.
  2. Insert cmd and select OK.
  3. Type in the provided command ipconfig /flushdns and press Enter.
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