Power Antivirus 2009

What is Power Antivirus 2009?

Power Antivirus 2009 (PowerAntivirus2009, Power-Antivirus-2009) is a fake anti-spyware program found to be similar to Win Antivir 2008 and Win Antivirus 2008. Power Antivirus 2009 uses popups and false scans to trick you into purchasing a full version of Power Antivirus 2009.
Power Antivirus 2009, after installed, can flood your system with various alert messages which may result in poor performance. The interface on Power Antivirus 2009 looks very similar to Win Antivir 2008 so it is safe to say that it is part of this same malicious family of rogue anti-spyware programs.

It was found that Power Antivirus 2009 is related to the power-antivirus-2009.com website which is known to distribute the Power Antivirus 2009 program over the Internet. There is a slight change that you may be redirected to power.antivirus-2009.com to purchase the Power Antivirus 2009 program. The purchase of Power Antivirus 2009 should never be attempted or completed. Power Antivirus 2009 remains to be a very dangerous program that does not serve any good purpose.

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  1. cassandra deberry

    I have been charged 78.52 for something that I don't have installed on my computer. My billing statement has a partial number on it and need someone to help me find out whats going on with this. My statement reads as follows: PWRANTIVIRUS # 18002207 RIGA GA what is this and help direct me in the right direction. Thanks

  2. I want this removed from my computer, it keeps popping up all the time. It is getting on my nerves. It is not a good way to get referrels by the way it acts on my computer. I want it out how do I do it????????????

  3. I was charged 93.64 for this product that I never received. The numbe on my billing statement is 18002207152 and it reads as follows: RIGA LV PWRANTIVIRUS. I have tried calling this number to no avail. Could someone please help me to get my money refunded to me. Thanks.

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