What is Polimva?

Polimva is a browser extension for Google Chrome that our malware researchers classified as a potentially unwanted program because it is distributed via software bundles that can install this program secretly and via deceptive links featured on third-party websites. It changes the default search provider of your browser. This program is not malicious per se, but we find it unreliable and suggest removing it because it does not do anything useful but distributed in ways to ensure that you get it accidentally. In this article, we will talk about its functionality, distribution, and removal methods.testtest

Where does Polimva come from?

Let us discuss this program’s distribution methods first and then move on to its functionality. According to our malware analysts, Polimva can enter your computer via several ways. They say that this extension is bundled with third-party software installers that are bundled with several applications and Polimva can be installed on your PC without your authorization. The installers may not disclose that there is additional content and, thus, install this extension without your knowledge. Nevertheless, you may be able to deselect this extension after selecting custom or advanced settings and unchecking its respective checkbox. Another possible way you can get this extension is clicking links on websites that advertise this extension. These links can be pop-ups that are loaded in a separate browser window on top of the main browser window. The pop-ups can convince you that this program is useful while, as you will learn, it is basically useless. The last distribution method is its main download website at Polimva.com where you can get it on your own if you really want to have it.

What does Polimva do?

Researchers have concluded that this extension was created for Google Chrome exclusively. It is similar to Baboom and Sadooma which have been developed by the same developers. Polimva is promoted as a program that will allow you to research your favorite articles. However, it does not do anything at all apart from replacing your browser’s search provider with Search.polimva.com. The main page of this search engine features a search bar and a blue search button. It features no ads and no other additional content. It appears the sole purpose of Polimva is to replace the default search provider. It does not change the homepage address or the new tab page address. Therefore, if you enter a search query into the dedicated search bar of your browser, then you may not notice that it is not the default search engine that generates the search results. Nevertheless, Search.polimva.com redirects all entered search queries to either a modified Yahoo or Google search engine. However, we did not see any customized ads or promotional links in their search results but, nevertheless, there is no reason to take Search.polimva.com’s results at face value and trust them to be safe 100 % of the time.

How do I remove Polimva?

As you can see, Polimva this is a rather useless browser extension. It does not do anything useful because it was created to work as a vehicle for Search.polimva.com. Therefore, the purpose of this program is to replace the defaults search engine of your browser with Search.polimva.com which does not appear to show ads, but there is something suspicious about it nonetheless. Therefore, to be on the safe side of things, we recommend that you remove this application by using the instructions we have included below.

Removal Guide

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Press Alt+F and open More tools.
  3. Find Polimva.
  4. Click the Remove button. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Polimva*

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