PlayThunder Offers

What is PlayThunder Offers?

Do you want to see ads on any website you visit? Probably, you do not, but that is what you are likely to face if you download PlayThunder Offers. The word “offers” in the name reveals that advertising is an integral part of the service. Sure, the adware (advertising-supported program) does not hide the fact that it delivers ads, but this transparency should not make you think of it as a trustworthy tool. Instead, research team suggests looking at it as a potential threat. Can we guarantee that you would face security issues if you interacted with this adware? We certainly cannot, but it is our duty to warn you about the bad and the ugly of every questionable service and program. In this report, we review the suspicious extension, and that should help you make an informed decision regarding its removal. If you are not sure you want to delete PlayThunder Offers, we strongly recommend that you keep reading. On the other hand, if your mind is made up already, the removal guide is waiting for you.test

How does PlayThunder Offers work?

PlayThunder Offers is officially introduced to users at, but the installer is found at This Chrome web store installer is the only official representation of the add-on for those living in the EU because they are denied access to the download page due to GDPR laws. So, if you are a resident of EU, you are greeted with this message: “Thank you for visiting our website! We do not offer access to our website and/or services to visitors from your country at this time.” Fair enough. However, the Chrome web store installer is still available to everyone. This installer is not popular. In fact, at the time of research, only 1 user had downloaded it, and there were no reviews or ratings, which should raise a red flag as well. The thing is, it is unlikely that anyone would download the extension since its main feature is to show advertisements on the web. Who wants that? Unfortunately, the adware could still be spread by third-party installers, and Chrome users could download it along with other strange pieces. If this is how you acquired it too, install a malware scanner to check if you need to remove anything.

Advertisements are not always bad. They are usually undesirable and annoying, but not always bad. That being said, we cannot guarantee that all advertisements delivered via PlayThunder Offers will be trustworthy. Most likely, data tracking cookies – some of which might be controlled by third-party advertisers – will be used to track your browsing activity. The data that is uncovered could help display more attractive ads, and that is very important because if you do not interact with the ads, the company behind PlayThunder Offers cannot earn any money. Speaking of money, the company could agree to display all kinds of ads in the hopes of you making clicks, and who knows what third-party advertisers might manage to push through? In the worst case scenario, users could be exposed to scams created to extract personal information, trick them into downloading unreliable software/extensions, or purchase useless services and products. Without a doubt, you want to avoid that.

How to delete PlayThunder Offers

You have to be careful about PlayThunder Offers. Even if you find a use for this suspicious extension, you cannot forget that it acts as an advertiser first and foremost. If you do not delete it, you put yourself at risk of being exposed to misleading advertisements linked to virtual scams. While we cannot guarantee that all users of this adware would be facing the same issues, the risk is there. So, how do you remove PlayThunder Offers? That depends on whether or not it is the only unwanted piece on your operating system. Have you scanned your operating system already? If you have not, we strongly suggest doing it as soon as possible. A trustworthy malware scanner will help you figure out if you need to erase anything else besides adware. If you do, a legitimate anti-malware program is an instrument you can use to have your system cleaned completely. Of course, you could choose to erase adware manually (see the guide below), but, in this case, you would need to erase all other threats yourself too.

Removal Guide

  1. Open Google Chrome and then enter chrome://extensions/ into the address bar.
  2. Find the undesirable PlayThunder Offers extension and click REMOVE.
  3. Tap keys Ctrl+Shift+Delete and choose the right time range and boxes.
  4. Click CLEAR DATA to erase data trackers that could be linked to the suspicious adware. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of PlayThunder Offers*

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