Pixel World Extension

What is Pixel World Extension?

Pixel World Extension is a potentially risky browser extension that can show up in your Google Chrome browser even if you did not install it knowingly. This is possible because this application is no longer available officially so its publisher uses alternative routes to unsuspecting computer users. Due to the questionable traits it exhibited while being tested, our malware specialists at anti-spyware-101.com categorized it as a potentially unwanted program (PUP). This extension provides you with a small pop-up panel that informs you about the number of pixels your screen has, which we consider a relatively worthless function when it comes from a questionable tool. As a matter of fact, this PUP may not be the worst threat on your computer right now. But innocent as it may seem, it may still appear on your computer with a company of malicious programs that, on the other hand, can pose a serious threat to your system with the possible exposure to malicious web content and spying activities. All in all, we suggest that you remove Pixel World Extension from your PC if you prefer peace of mind while being in your virtual world.testtest

Where does Pixel World Extension come from?

Strange as it may sound to you but this browser extension does not have official representation anymore. This means that we have not found a promotional page that would offer you this tool officially. Even the Chrome web store page, chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/pixel-world/mnnebefcmhnlipookcleffganaajceja, seems to have stopped working some time ago. This usually happens when an extension proves to be potentially unreliable and thus may pose a threat to your computer. Well, none of this is good news; in fact, there is not even any Terms of Service or Privacy Policy that you could check in relation to this application. In other words, anything can happen while this tool is active on your computer. If you know that this PUP may also spy on you and collect information, you would definitely want to know what could happen with that. Well, we can tell you this much: Without legal documents, you can be sure that this information could even get into the wrong hands and could be used to target you with customized content, for example. No wonder why we suggest that you delete Pixel World Extension from your browser as soon as possible.

It only gets worse when you learn that this PUP may be spreading via free software bundles that may carry a number of malware infections and other PUPs alongside a probably legitimate free program. It is really not that difficult to infect your computer with a bunch of threats when you download free software from the wrong source, i.e., from a shady torrent or freeware page, for example. But you can also drop one after clicking on unsafe third-party ads on suspicious websites or links that could be presented to you by browser hijackers or questionable search engines. Of course, you can also be exposed to such third-party content when your PC is infected with adware or other threats that can redirect you or display third-party ads. Since there is a good chance that there are a couple of PUPs and malware infections on board right now, we advise you to run a reliable malware scanner to identify all threats after you remove Pixel World Extension.

How does Pixel World Extension work?

Even if this PUP were a reliable tool, it would not make too much sense to have it on your computer. One reason is that it only works in your Google Chrome browser, another is that it does not make it too beneficial or useful that it simply displays your screen size in pixels, or, in other words, this is a pixel calculator. You can easily check this information by using built-in Windows functions or the menu of your video card. Since there is no legal document available, you cannot know what this software can or may do, how it may collect information about your online activities or even personally identifiable information, and how this may be shared with third parties who may not even be always trustworthy. Unfortunately, cyber criminals can easily exploit such data to bombard you with tailored third-party ads that could take you to malicious pages once you engage with them. If you do not want to find out what might happen, we recommend that you remove Pixel World Extension from your browser.

How do I delete Pixel World Extension?

Fortunately, it will not take one single minute for you to get rid of this useless piece of software. All you need to do is remove this extension by using the Extension Manager of your Google Chrome browser. If you are unfamiliar with the necessary steps, you may want to follow our guide below this article. Please note that your PC could still be under attack by other, more serious malware infections that have to be dealt with right now; otherwise, you would endanger your system and your files. You may try to detect all these possible threats manually, i.e., by scanning through the list installed programs in Control Panel or the list of extensions in your browsers. However, it is way more effective if you use an automated tool, such as SpyHunter that can detect and eliminate all known malicious or potentially harmful programs.

Pixel World Extension removal from your browser

Google Chrome

  1. Press Alt+F and choose More tools.
  2. Navigate to Extensions.
  3. Locate the questionable extension and click on the Trash can icon on the right.
  4. In the pop-up window, press Remove. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Pixel World Extension*

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