Pics4NewTab Chrome Extension

What is Pics4NewTab Chrome Extension?

Pics4NewTab Chrome Extension may appear in your Google Chrome browser and you may not even remember installing it. Although it is possible to install this questionable browser extension officially and knowingly, our malware experts at say that it is more likely that this application sneaks onto your system in questionable ways. If you have downloaded a free program recently, chances are you will find several potential and malware threats on board as well. We have concluded that this extension is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) but it can also be regarded as a browser hijacker due to its ability to change your new tab page setting to promote its search engine page. This PUP may seem all innocent with its nice looking background images you can choose from, but we think that it would be best for you to remove Pics4NewTab Chrome Extension from your system along with all other possibly harmful programs. There is no other way to create a secure virtual world for yourself. Please read our full article to learn more about this PUP and how you can prevent similar threats from entering your PC.testtesttest

Where does Pics4NewTab Chrome Extension come from?

Our research indicates that this PUP is mainly distributed via free software bundles, which is a widely used method by schemers. The installers are usually quite misleading or deceptive by design so that unsuspecting users would simply end up with the full content installed by default. However, it is actually possible to opt out most of the time if you read the license agreement in the first place and all of the installation screens as well to be able to deselect the provided checkboxes when needed. It is possible that you are only able to see these if you choose the custom installation option when offered. All in all, you can easily infect your system with PUPs and malware infections like browser hijackers, Trojans, backdoors, and adware applications if you install a full bundle. Clearly, it will not be enough for you to delete Pics4NewTab Chrome Extension if this happens.

It is important that you keep away from suspicious torrent, freeware, online gambling, and gaming pages because these generally promote questionable third-party ads and other content. If you click on a compromised ad or a fake button, which are aplenty on these pages, you could drop a malicious bundle even behind your back and you will only notice the increased number of annoying ads or other exposures to malicious content. You can also be presented with such ads if your PC is infected with adware, for example. We suggest that after you delete Pics4NewTab Chrome Extension, you use a trustworthy malware scanner to detect all other threats as well.

We also need to talk a bit about the official channels. You can find the official page at and the promotional page in the Chrome web store at It seems that hardly any users have installed this PUP from the store though as it still shows only one single installation after three months. Hopefully, this will also be a sign for you to remove this PUP from your computer.

How does Pics4NewTab Chrome Extension work?

This browser extension only works with Google Chrome for the time being. It offers you a new tab page that has a nice background image, time displayed at the top, and a search engine to use for your web searches. While it may be a good idea to have changeable background images for your new tabs, this PUP may hold some undesirable surprises for you. This extension sets as your new tab page, which redirects all your queries to a Yahoo search results page that may contain potentially harmful third-party ads and links. If you engage with such content, you could put your system at risk. For example, you may open new windows or new tabs with questionable third-party content or even malicious pages. These are usually used by cyber villains to scam unsuspecting users. This could mean that even your money could be stolen from your bank account if you were to share your credit card details during an online scam. But your personal information can also be used by criminals to commit online fraud. Even if these worst case scenarios may not occur frequently, we believe that you are all the safer if you remove Pics4NewTab Chrome Extension.

How can I delete Pics4NewTab Chrome Extension?

Fortunately, it is quite simple to eliminate this PUP. All you need to do is remove this extension using the Extension Manager in your Google Chrome browser. Please follow our instructions below this article if you feel confident enough about manual removal. Also, remember that it is essential that you fully clean your PC. You can try to do this also manually but we believe that it is much more comfortable and effective if you use a trustworthy anti-malware program like SpyHunter. Nevertheless, it is just as important that you keep all your programs up-to-date if you wish to avoid future cyber attacks against your system.

Remove Pics4NewTab Chrome Extension from your browser

Google Chrome

  1. Press Alt+F to display the menu.
  2. Navigate to More tools.
  3. Select Extensions.
  4. Locate the extension and click on the Trash can on the right.
  5. Press Remove. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Pics4NewTab Chrome Extension*

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